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  1. Hi all, I recently took delivery of an Amazon Echo, and came across one of it's "skills" that may be of use to those that have an Echo and track the ISS The Skill is called 'Space Station' , and it gives info about ISS pass times over 'My Location' including direction,duration and other details. It's nice to simply ask a question and get an answer All i need for my Echo to do now is run my equipment Andy
  2. Hi Eri, just a thought, have you taken into account the change of the clocks, i made that mistake !
  3. Hi all, Sorry for not keeping up to date on this thread, due to Mum, ending up in hospital after suffering a Heart Attack thanks for the info Zakalwe, I shall look again at the way i have my spacing arranged as i do have 1.25 filters in the EFW2 Thanks again Andy
  4. Thanks Paul i have just placed an order for the required spacer, i was hoping that amongst all my bits and bobs, i would have had one, but, alas no, Yet another 'bit' to add to the list of 'bobs' lol Andy
  5. Hi All, I got my Zwo 1600 MM a few weeks ago, and the suggested spacers this morning. However i can't seem to achieve the 56mm that i was told i needed, The Set up is ; Skywatcher 0.85 Reducer - M48 to T2 - Atik M54 to M42 M-F - Atik EFW2 - 11mm Zwo spacer - ZWO 1600 mm Now, assuming that i am measuring from the correct points (see Pic) and have things in the correct positions, Do i need to add another spacer between the FR and EFW2 ? Thanks for any help Andy
  6. Hi Chunkyneck, i own the 200 P-DS version on a HEQ5 mount, while it is a great scope for Prime focus photography, it is very prone to any breeze/gust of wind, making it a challenge. It was for that reason that i ended up getting a smaller scope to go on the mount, while i look for a bigger mount for the 200P-DS Hope that helps Andy
  7. Hi Steve, i have a t2 cap on route, and the link is very helpful, i shall have a play during the week Thanks Andy
  8. Thanks for the reply msh1, The manual i have does not make any reference to cooling to an operating temp prior to Gain/Offset setting, but i seem to remember reading a post on one of the many forums that I've visited, stating that it gives a better result ! I'll have to play and see what works best. Thanks Andy
  9. Hi all, I'm after some advice regarding setting the Gain and Offset for my QHY8L. Having done some searching on this forum and the QHY website, i just have a couple of questions. Set up - Evostar 80ED DS-Pro - 0.85 Focal Reducer/Astronomik 2" CLS Filter - Spacer - QHY8L CCD 1) Should these settings be done with the CCD, ON or Off the scope ? As the optics/filter have an effect on the readings. 2) Should i also do these at the Temp i plan to operate the CCD at ie, -20C below ambient Thanks Andy
  10. Hi solarboy, Just a word of warning, it appears from your pics that you are using Ventilated discs. i did the same,first time round and ended up shattering my drill bits on the vanes that are between the braking surfaces when drilling the holes to fix to the pier. I ended up getting solid discs hth Andy
  11. ok, i think i understand, as i only have USB2 peripherals, things should be ok. As it stands, i have one USB2 port to a USB2 Hub that has QHY5-11 (Guide Cam) and HEQ5 Pro connected (Guiding) one USB3 port to a USB3 Hub that has QHY8L OSC connected (Imaging) both Hubs are powered. Thanks for your input and help Regards Andy
  12. thanks for that ajk, Had to look twice at your tag as ajk are my initials,
  13. Hi all, Just after a bit of info, I have a USB3 Port on my laptop and a USB3 Hub, would i be able to connect my USB2 equipment via this hub ? Thanks Andy
  14. Worst part for me, we had Sunny blue sky, while i was at work
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