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  1. Hello all, have not posted since last year . Was able to get out this morning and have a go at Jupiter for the first time this year . Seeing was fair , also my first use of my new ZWO camera. Some learning curve I'm sure , but was pretty happy with results . As always thanks for looking!
  2. Hello all, been awhile since I posted anything, been down with a back surgery. Was finally able to get out and take a crack at the big gas ball. Was lucky to catch the Grs and Callisto's shadow . Here are the results. As always thanks for looking!
  3. Yeah I sometimes forget that most of u guys and gals are across the pond. Even here in South Florida I only hagve about 2 hours of total clear view from my backyard when Saturn is near its highest point . Again thanks for the comments!
  4. Nice....glad u got out to use the scope again!
  5. Hello folks , had another night that I had time to make a few runs at Saturn . North American seeing forecast had my area at 5/5 . They weren't lying, best seeing I can remember. Shot for about 2 hours , here is the best of the data. 3000 frames, 2200 stacked. As always thanks for looking!
  6. Hey everyone, havnt posted anything in some time , unfortunately its been work work work. Finally got out the other morning to take some shots of Saturn. Here is one of them. As always thanks for looking!
  7. Hey everyone , was able to catch a double shadow transit this morning. Sky conditions were excellent and seeing was the best I have seen in a long time. As always thanks for looking!!!
  8. Congrats! Sounds like a great night! Very nice for a second attempt!!!
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