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  1. Hi, I hava couple of televue clickstop zooms which I use in my binoviewer. Unfortunateley there appears to be some tiny water droplets which take on the appearence of dirty dots inside one of the ep`s. Does anyone know a company that cleans services ep`s at at a reasonable price? Here`s hoping! Bob.
  2. Hi, I am undecided which head is best for travelling with my celestron c90. I have been using an alt az alluminium tripod but it`s a bit bulky for travel. I`ve been looking at the manfrotto 190 xpro with either a fluid head or a geared head. The geared 410 junior is a reasonable price but still works out dearer than a flud head. Is the geared head worth the extra money and how good are the fluid heads such as the 501 and the 502? Bob.
  3. I have been looking through telescopes for around 35 years and the closest I ever came to owning a "starter" scope was when I purchased a 4 1/2" TAL reflector many years ago. I suppose that could be classed as a starter scope, although I thought it quite a sophisticated piece of kit back then. Since then I`ve owned and used all sorts of scopes from the mighty little Questar to the do all celestron 8" sct through 4" apo refractors and 7" Maks. Some time ago I stupidly sold my questar. This was an act I have regretted it ever since. Recently I have been looking to buy another questar but I have been unable to get my hands on one at the price I want to pay, so I decided to have a look at the "cheapo" versions on the market to give me back a lightweight travel scope. Well,I have to say, that the scope that I purchased this week was a real eye opener. After doing a bit reading up I decided on the Celestron C90, and what a great little scope this has turned out to be at £165 delivered complete with travel bag. It arrived from FLO in 3 days. After unpacking I quickly popped it onto my old alt az tripod and slapped in my wiilliam optics bino viewer with a pair of Televue click stop zooms. I swung it around to Venus which is a really nice target at the moment. A Lovely half illuminated disc presented itself, I was very surprised, in fact if my memory serves me well, the view provided by the C90 was pretty close to the Questars that I`ve owned in the past. Crisp focus and clear sharp optics. I know the Questar is a wonder to behold and it has that fabulous control box and built in barlow / finder, but it costs a hell of a lot of money for basically the same views that I am getting from this Celestron gem. All I can say is move over Questar let the little fella through!! This scope is a revelation for the money, it has very good optics and it looks like it`s built to last. So, if any one out there is looking to buy a cheap well built good quality starter / travel scope, in my humble opinion, look no further than the C90, Bob.
  4. Hi all, i`m looking to buy a televue powermate 2.5x 0r 4x. I have a great 4" refractor f 920 and could do with boosting the power for planetary work this winter. Not sure if I can go as far as 4x with a tv 10mm delos? any advice would be appreciated ? but 2.5x will probably do nicely I`m sure. At the moment I use a 2x celestron ultima barlow which seems fine, but every one seems to say the TV powermate`s are worth the extra. contact me via PM or on 07970 801768 regards,bob.
  5. hi stargazers, I`m looking to buy a Questar. I`ve owned 3 of them in my time and when I not owning one ,I always seem to find myself wanting one again. The reason for selling in the past has always been to fund another project. I hope to keep the next one for good! There was a 50th anniversary model on ebay recently for 3k. which is very expensive but what a keeper that would be? Well, if you have one for sale or know where there is one please drop me a line if you have one for sale. Bob.
  6. I am interested in buying a canon 12x46 is binocular. I have owned and sold the 15x50 model and I would like something a bit lighter.
  7. Anyone got experience of which is best for astro? canon 12x36 is or the lovely 10 x 42L ?? Bob.
  8. I`m sorry I haven`t replied till now. But this forum has been informative, for a start it taught me that there are analogue and digital differences in the cameras, I didn`t realise that. I need something that is easy to use and I would also like to be able to use a monitor not just a computer to view with. I`m certain that which ever camera i decide on, I will be seeing stuff that I haven`t seen before. The whole idea of seeing faint fuzzies etc on a monitor that I could never see through the scope and share it, is really exciting and it will, i`m sure, be the start of a new adventure astro wise. Thanks for all the info and comments ! Bob.
  9. I know little about video astronomy but was thinking of taking a punt at one of these cameras. and wondered if anyone has tried the mallincam range. By reading there info one would believe they are the best as they state that they use the highest quality components in there manufacture. Bob
  10. I managed to acquire a 10mm Speers and Waler wide angle ep included with the TV 85 I bought earlier in the year. I had heard good things about these ep`s. So, I popped it into the scope last night along with a Celestron 2x barlow to compare it with my 10mm Delos as a planetry test on Jupiter. To my surprise the Speers gave slightly more definition to the belts. They were just a tad sharper.at 120x mag. Anyone else tried these EPs? Bob.
  11. I have been talking to a fellow astronomer who really rates these mounts. They seem to be very good quality and quite unique in there construction. Any experience with them?
  12. Tele vue mounting Knobs required.by nit wit!! I posted a message on this forum the other day with regard to finding two knurled mounting knobs for my TV85. and as usual got some great advice. One of you good people suggested phoning Tele vue direct in the USA and kindly provided the number. Well I decided to get the knobs from here in the UK as it would be cheaper than importing the real thing from the USA. But just to be sure I thought I`d call tele vue to check the thread size first. So I did. The guy at Tele vue said they could certainly send me the knobs but I may be better off ringing the "Wide Screen Centre" here in the U/K as they may have a couple extra that I could have. He also told me that they were just standard 1/4" 20 threads. he then asked if I`d bought the scope used and I said I had and we had a long and very enjoyable chat about the TV85. He was really enthusiastic about the scope and during the conversation, I told him I was also going to be using a bino-viewer with the scope and he then told me about the Televue bino viewer and all its merits. He said that the best view he`d ever had of the moon was through his TV 85 with a Televue bino viewer.Well, you know what it`s like talking astro stuff, you can get carried away and I was calling the USA so I thought I`d better thank the guy and bring the conversation gently to an end, and so I asked who I was speaking to should I need to ring in the future. He said, my names Al Nagler. For some reason I almost blurted out....."I thought you were dead!" Probably because I thought he was! Don`t ask me why I thought this but thankfully I stopped myself short. As soon as I put the phone down I Googled him just to be sure. He`s definitely alive and kicking, I know this to be a fact because just 10 minutes ago he was selling me the virtues of the Tele Vue bino-viewer. That was quite exciting chatting to the great Al Nagler. Now, back to the Knobs. If the "Wide Screen Centre" don`t have any of the real thing, Moriniboy has some that look pretty damn good.
  13. Thanks Guys. I will chase up all of the above. Steve in Brum is not far from me so I`ll also give him a call. Something will turn up from this I`m sure!
  14. Does anyone know where i can obtain two knurled knobs to mount my televue 85 onto the tel-pod mount. I bought the scope second hand and the mounting bolts and knobs were missing. However, i found two studs that fit into the scope but I have to use a couple if nuts to tighten up. I don`t seem to be able to locate the proper knobs anywhere for the job. Any ideas? Bob.
  15. Thanks for all your encouraging remarks about my new scope.Sorry guys for not replying sooner. I have attached a couple of pics. Not too good quality i`m afraid but will try to do better later. I had a bit of trouble with the tele-pod at first. The horizontal movement kept slipping off bearing contact.( becoming loose) I managed to nip up the 3 small screws under the domed cover and it seems o/k now, although there Isn`t any tension adjustment via the hand knob. It seems o/k though now.
  16. Well, I just bought a new second hand scope.After much deliberation followed by an impulsive buy, I got myself a televue 85. The scope was left to a gent in Kent by his Uncle and I managed to buy it along with some extras which included two televue zoom eps, a binoviewer and a televue tele-pod tripod to name but a few.The first thing that strikes me about this scope is the weight. It seems heavy compared to other scopes I own. I feel that this is due to the quality of materials used in its construction. Any one had experience with this scope? Bob
  17. Thanks for the reply. There isn`t much difference in the size of either in length, just diameter.and the weight is also simillar.So i`m leaning toward the c5. however, I just noticed that Vixen do a 110l mak at the same price scale as the c5 just to make things difficult!
  18. Vicen 110l mak or celestron c90 mak Any ideas as to quality of these scopes? Bob
  19. I used to own a questar and really regret selling it now as I need something to take on my holidays. Celestron have two scopes that have caught my eye. The c90 mak and the C5 sct. Both are small and light and look like they could be ideal as a holiday scope. Does anyone have either and if so which would be best suited? I want it for terrestrial as well as astro. Bob.
  20. I used to own a questar and really regret selling it now as I need something to take on my holidays. Celestron have two scopes that have caught my eye. The c90 mak and the C5 sct. Both are small and light and look like they could be ideal as a holiday scope. Does anyone have either and if so which would be best suited? I want it for terrestrial as well as astro. Bob.
  21. Thanks for the replies guys. It seems to be the case that both are very good and the differences seem to be more to do with the individual using them and the quality of the observing conditions on the day. I have thought about this a lot. I think the canons will be better for terestrial viewing and they are more portable.However the helios have the greater light grasp, perhaps revealing more in steady skies. I think I would have to go with the Canons myself. I would presume the quality control would be better at Canon and therefor less likely the chance of any problems at purchase.
  22. Yes that`s the guy who wlil be presenting it. I checked tonight and if I want to add Nat Geo it`s going to cost me £20 squid per month!. with Vigin, so I wont be enjoying it. I just hope it will be out on video soon.
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