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  1. thank god, I hope after death no more life Thanks for your input.
  2. So basically you do not think that after we die, we will eventually be born again in alternate universe, and that will go on for eternity, if the space is eternal ?
  3. Yes I watched it several times, and thats why I posted this topic. Its a very interesting subject, because the theory is backed up by many scientists..
  4. Still cant figure out what your purpose of writing in my topic in the beginning..
  5. If the universe goes on in all possible directions, and in an infinite distance, then wouldn't that mean that there would have to be more planets out there (another universe?) If you have an infinite amount of space, then wouldn't there absolutely HAVE to be another universe out there (perhaps an infinite number of them?) And if there are an infinite number of universes, then that would mean that EVENTUALLY there would be another milky way galaxy, and everything that has happened here in 'our' galaxy, would happen the exact same in that galaxy. Also, there would be an infinite number of us, doing an infinite number of things. For example, in other worlds I have won the Nobel Peace Prize, the word 'fish' is a curse word. I just want to know if that is possible, and if there is a theory/document that has been published about it, and perhaps where I can read this theory/document.
  6. Hello, Im new to this forum and I always was a huge fan of space and galaxies. However past 2-3 years Ive been extremely obsessed about the idea that we in fact might live in a multiverse. Ive read tons of books and Ive seen hundreds of videos talking about the fact that we are just a part of a multiverse that is infinite and eternal. The problem I face with the idea of multiverse and infinity is that, if we in fact are just part of a recycling multiverse that has always existed and will exist for eternity, then we must face the fact that everything that CAN happen WILL eventually happen. Lets make it more clear; If you play lottery, your chance of winning is like 1 out of few million, but if you played lottery each day for 1 million years, then you will MOST probably win lottery atleast once. That being said, if we are living in infinite multiverse, then you will be King, sleep with Megan Fox, be president of USA, be most rich person in world, most handsome, most ugly ETC , ETC, ETC. For people that doesnt have a clue what Im talking about, can watch ''Universe or Multiverse?''on youtube and check back when they understand For those who understood my topic, I kindly ask you to post your answer or reply to this topic and tell me your thought about this and how you feel that if we are living in infinite multiverse that you will in fact be born again and experience everything that CAN by chance happen. (you will be king in one life, but in other you will be peasent, in third life you will be sick, in fourth life you will be healthy etc.. )
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