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  1. Welcome Skywalker122! If you need help in the San Antonio area There are a few astronomy organizations. http://www.salsa-astro.com/ SALSA is a great group of people to hang out with and they are very helpful as well. SAAA is another: http://sanantonioastronomy.org/visitors-center/?my_redir_to=%2F
  2. Thanks Martin, I'll give it a shot this weekend and see what happens! Joe
  3. Yeah and I was told they weren't sure if there would be another update to the software or not. I guess I'll have to dig out my old laptop and run it from there for now unless I can find another way to run it on Windows 7. Joe
  4. Unfortunately not. I believe Orion has a new Orion StarShoot Deep Space Color Imager III and this is the previous version.
  5. I have inherited an Orion StarShoot Deep Space Color Imager II and Orion has not updated the software to be compatible with Windows 7. Does anyone know of any other software this camera may use so I don't have another "astronomy themed paper weight"? Thanks
  6. Here is a link to quite a number of observing programs offered through the Astronomical League. I have done many of these programs and they are really helpful. http://www.astroleague.org/al/obsclubs/AlphabeticObservingClubs.html I hope these may be of help to everyone. Joe
  7. Thanks for the help, this gives me another avenue to try. Joe
  8. I can probably say it is a "true" classic! lol The manual nor the handset shows an option for training (calibrating) the drives nor 2 star alignment, it's that old. I have had other LX200 users try the scope out and they are puzzled. All my information in the controller is correct all I can think is that maybe the gears are wearing out and I am considering getting Bucks Standard Gear kit http://www.petersonengineering.com/sky/buckstuneup.htm to see if that will fix the problem. Once I get this thing running properly I will probably get Stellarium to run it.... If I can figure out the problem.
  9. I am in Alt/Az mode, set up on the tripod. The newer manuals give an option for a 1 or 2 star alignment, the manual for this scope does not and neither does the hand controller. I believe this is one of the first LX200's that came out. Thanks for the reply.
  10. I recently aquired an old 8" LX200. The manual is dated 1992 and the hand controller uses the 2.4 version. It only has an option for a one star alignment and after I do the alignment and start slewing (entering objects in the hand controller) to go different objects it never hits the target, sometimes it's close but no cigar. The scope seems to track okay from what I can tell. When I slew back and forth between two objects it doesn't always return to the same spot, so I don't think it is an issue with leveling. I have made sure all the coordinates are correct,leveled it with the bubble level
  11. Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! Cleveland is a town just north of Houston and I'm neither a Rangers or Astros fan. I never was much of a sports fan, I'm more into astronomy, music and used book stores!
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