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  1. I've seen a couple of iridium flares and they are like camera flashes going off, it's like a kind of 'what the hell was that, did I really see that' moment. The ones I've seen didn't dim but I suppose it all depends on satelite/sun position.
  2. According to Stellarium the two 'extra moons' are the stars HIP 32688 and HIP 32614
  3. Looking forward to spectacular images. I wonder if in years to come as space telescopes become more powerful that while peering out into the void we spot a space telescope looking back at us. Is that us or someone else ? As you can tell the skies in the West of Scotland are still cloudy and I'm going slightly mad.
  4. Doesn't matter how close they are you still wouldn't be able to see them in the West of Scotland and probably much of the the rest of the UK at the moment !!
  5. kenny


    I don't want to be anarchic but what would be the astronomical consequences of turining right at Orion insted of left ?
  6. Anyone in the West of Scotland know what night this year is going to be suitable for viewing so that I can mark it in my diary !!
  7. kenny


    Hello, my first post. My wife bought me a telescope back in Feb for my birthday and last night 12th Apr was the first decent clear night I've had to use it. Anyway, after looking at Saturn I looked up at the sky to get my bearings and was aware of a bright intense flash almost like a camera flash and thought it was way too bright for an aircraft strobe. Sure enough about 10secs later there was a second flash almost overhead. I'm guessing now that what I saw was an Iridium flash.
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