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  1. Is a T-ring combatible with both 1.25" and 2" T-adapters?
  2. What about connecting a DSLR to a refractor? Do I need a different adapter for prime focus and projection photography?
  3. Is anyone using the Circle-T Abbe Orthos? I know that this eyepiece type is better for lunar and planetary observing as the AFOV is narrow, but how is the performance on other objects?
  4. What is the exact weight of the Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian? Can it be easily break into two pieces (OTA & base) for transportation?
  5. How do the following refractors compare? Celestron Omni XLT 120 (CG-4) Sky-Watcher ED 80 OTA (& Vixen Porta II)
  6. Judging from the photos on their website Astronomica seems to be selling the Series 500 Plossls that are not manufactured by GSO. Ascension Super Plossls look very similar.
  7. I would prefer to order from somewhere else. Are there any other dealers that have the GSO or TAL Plossls?
  8. Any recommended dealers that sell the GSO Plossls?
  9. Which would you say are the best value Plossl eyepieces in the UK market?
  10. The Sky-Watcher Panaview eyepieces seem to have the same specifications as the older Sky-Watcher SWA. The only difference appears to be the eyepiece construction. Anyone else noticed this?
  11. Did you have a chance to try out the 30mm Vixen NPL? Are parts of the eyepiece made of plastic?
  12. So neither of the above options would make a good choice for a f/5 Newtonian? To optain the widest field of view and keep distortions to a minimum what would be the best eyepiece under £100?
  13. Has anyone used long focal length 2" eyepieces such as the William Optics SWAN 40mm or the Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl 56mm with a Newtonian? Both seem capable of producing the same true field of view but how do they perform? Are there any distortions near the edge of the field of view?
  14. I also bought the TENTO 20x60 binoculars around the same time. A pair of these advertised to be in excellent condition was sold for £40 not long ago in the for sale forum. I also have seen the same binoculars selling new for 135 EUR although they are not widely available.
  15. I already have a T-Adapter for the 1.25" visual back but I will need a T-ring. Would it be better to get a Max DSLR adapter instead?
  16. What do I need to connect a DSLR (Canon EOS 1000D) and take photos through a SCT?
  17. Between all the Paradigm eyepieces which are the best? I already read that the 25mm Paradigm is not well corrected compared to the rest.
  18. I have seen these eyepieces in a few places and I was thinking how they perform compared to other Plossls. Anyone tried them?
  19. What would be the best choice between the Skywatcher Evostar 80ED DS-Pro OTA on a Vixen Porta II Mount and the Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian as a grab and go solution and why?
  20. This should not be a "loyalty" issue as we are talking about the Republic of Cyprus which is a member of the EU. If Fedex is not willing to ship here (even if Cyprus is listed on their website) it's their problem and a problem of companies doing business with them as they are loosing customers. Other couriers (e.g. TNT, UPS, DHL) do ship here.
  21. What about the EF Extra-Flat (27mm, 19mm, 16mm) 1.25" and the Circle-T Abbe Orthoscopic (25mm, 18mm, 12.5mm) 1.25" eyepieces? Are these any better than the Paradigms?
  22. What sort of maintenance does a Newtonian reflector require? Being an open tube design does it require frequent cleaning? Do mirrors have an "expiration" date?
  23. Preferably not more than around £50 each. Are Paradigm eyepieces available in the UK?
  24. If using an 1.25" eyepiece with this hybrid diagonal will the true field of view remain the same or will it be smaller?
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