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  1. gift voucher/money - good idea, but ill probly be picking it trying to get an idea. asked in a shop and said I WANT a cannon and they replied "ok, but these Nikons....must of been better commission, I walked out half way through him speaking. that really gets me when I tell them I am only spending money on a certain brand.
  2. Oops sorry I cant see an edit button? I was meant to type I want it for DSO really but iv never ...... that's way to high budget lol I know but.... Maybe ill go second hand, I was thinking id probly use it a lot for normal daytime and traveling stuff but its easier just carrying my iphone around (going to oz soon).
  3. Sorry to ask but which camera would be suitable for a celestron powerseeker 127 eq don't really want it for DSO's and canons sound better by what iv read. it's a present being brought for me so I don't want to ask for the most expensive lol. ( "ill buy you a camera for xmas". "oh thanks, that'll be £1000 in that case lol" ). here's the link to my telescope specs if it helps? http://www.celestron.com/browse-shop/astronomy/telescopes/powerseeker-127eq-telescope Anymore info I need to provide? Again I feel bad asking but reading other peoples threads has majorly confused me I think it's a case of too much info, Why are you lot so helpful!
  4. I might pull the nocturnal epilepsy card. Don't like to use it as excuse but we'll see. Anyone else got anymore feedback from their enquiries?
  5. Has anyone used this program, it came with my Celestron scope its made by "software bisque" I prefer to use app on my phone and then this program for a more detailed look but I do find it a bit confusing and long winded. Are there any other free programs that are easier to use?
  6. Thanks for all your suggestions, very helpful 1) pruned it so it grows bushy towards lamp, long slow process lol 2) they set light sensors off and im not jokin there well bright! even all the pond wildlife freaks out!
  7. wow thanks for the welcome, most welcoming
  8. Hello I have a Celestron 127EQ, I think its alright. I cant drive and only really have two places to view, garden or out of bedroom windows (on third floor just above a damn street light at end of the drive) Iv sort of managed to prune the tree out front to block abit of light, any suggestions? will council turn it off if I ask? Also behind the houses in front of my house theres a sports club with tennis courts etc.. and they light up the sky enough so theres no need for the street lamps anyway. The problem out the back is I have to use telescope on patio so I can't dig the legs in to stabilize it, if I go past the patio all the neighbours garden light sensors switch on and they can only be switched permanently on or off until something sets the sensor off you cant turn them off- stupid design imo (I took the bulb out of mine but cant even sneak and do the same to theirs because it will go off lol and jesus there bright). to make it worse I have cats and a lot of my neighbours do aswell and there always blinding me too. lol. Any suggestions? Probably a lot of people in my situation. Would go over the field but id either get run over by a dirt bike.
  9. Thought i'd say hello don't know why I have'nt before? Got my telescope year ago but been stored away for awhile, getting it back out (probly worst time due to our arch enemy, damn clouds) and feels like im re-learning basically due to memory loss. looking forward to if/when I can answer questions on the forums instead of just asking.
  10. Sorry if its been said but 6 satallites have been launched recently think they were from French guiney (spelling?) think they were ESA's can't remember now
  11. It's cloudy outside but that made me smile
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