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  1. Amazing! As I'm only just beginning this new interest, the moon is obviously my first subject. If I ever manage to capture an image like that, I will be more than happy!! Maybe I need to move to Brazil!!
  2. Love the box, Chris. Can you tell me where you bought the lockable 12V plug and sockets? Does it make any difference if you wire them in seies or parallel? Tinker, I see you have a Fusion power supply there. Are they any good? I was thinking of just going for the 30A unit which should cover all my needs. Thanks Ken
  3. Hi Satsuma, welcome to SGL from the Black Country. If only the skies were black!
  4. Hi Jim, thanks for the heads up! As I want to auto-guide in the future, I presume I would need to buy a pair of motors for it, but how do I get an auto-guiding interface? Do I need to buy the full GoTo kit at £300? As I intend to use software for auto-guiding I don't really need the handset.
  5. Hi Dan and welcome. I only joined last night. Lots of dark sky in Sweden! I actually work for the UK side of a Swedish company and have been to Skinskatteberg several times over the years, usually in the winter. All those lakes and clear dark skies - beautiful! Have fun Ken
  6. Wow, you guys respond quickly! Thanks for all the good wishes. I've already bought and nearly finished 'Making every photon count' and I also found a great book on DVD - 'A Beginner's Guide to DSLR Astrophotography' by Jerry Lodriguss. Both these books are packed with useful info and advice. As a keen photographer I have numerous books on the subject so I already have a good working knowledge of the principles, but none pay much attention to AP, in particular the stacking process, subtracting dark frames, etc. I have to admit I'm a bit of a sponge for technical stuff; love learning new things and I think I could have a lot of fun with this. I already own 2 EOS 40D cameras and various lenses - 10-22, 24-70, 70-200 and x1.4 and x2 converters, to name but a few, and a good semi-pro Manfrotto tripod, so I think I'll go the normal route of seeing what I can achieve with these as I continue my research. My initial thoughts are to buy an EQ3-2 Mount so I can track with my camera and get into some longer exposure and stacking images. It's also reasonably portable. Then I was going to go for a medium spec 70 or 80mm refractor as the EQ3-2 should be able to handle both the scope and the camera and I could start experimenting with piggybacking and guiding. Then upgrade to an EQ6 and a nice 100mm ish triplet refractor using the original scope as a guide. From there, who knows????? Maybe a nice big Newtonian after I win the lottery!!! I need to get down to Aston Uni in Birmingham soon and join their Society. Any of their members on here?? Any pointers would be most appreciated. So much to learn - so little time
  7. CoseleyKen

    hi from wolvo

    Hi Lee, nice to see someone local. I'm just down the road in Coseley. Look forward to meeting you sometime. Cheers Ken
  8. Hi Jon Like you, I'm new to this but I've just finished reading 'Make every photon count' and I think I learned more about the technical side of photography from that book than from the scores of tomes I've read over the tears. Good luck and let's pray this rain stops! Cheers Ken
  9. Dazed and Confused

  10. Hi everyone. Amateur photographer looking to move over to the dark side of astro. Totally new to astronomy, but have been browsing here for a couple of weeks now and the posts here are really helping me wade through the ever-growing list of questions I am constantly adding to! Can't wait to get more involved. Let's hope the weather gets better!!!
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