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  1. I see in your signature, you have the CPC 800......mine is the 1100 GPS XLT so maybe that's why your HC is different than mine???
  2. I received an email today from Celestron on how to EQ North Polar Align. turns out the newer model GPS CPC models do NOT have the index markers on them and they do NOT have to be South Aligned either....whew!!! Here is what I was sent: EQ North & Polar Align w/No Index Markers 1. Face the mount True North with the OTA parallel to the fork arms pointing to Polaris. If you can see Polaris with a low power eyepiece, then it's roughly polar aligned to start off. You only need to have Polaris in the FOV, it does not need to be centered! To get it within the FOV, use the slow-motion controls o
  3. I'll do that. I emailed Celestron and asked if I got a "defective" scope.....everyone one seems to have those alignment arrows for the Meridian except for mine
  4. Thanks AstroJoe and Rockrae78! I'll give those a try. Rockrae78, yep, I do NOT have those arrows on either Fork Arm.....so I'm at a loss as to why they are not on mine
  5. Yes, that's exactly how I had the Tripod/Wedge set up.....it's the hand control/EQ North alignment that was so confusing. LOL I think the more logical approach is to do the EQ North align and then the Wedge Align and then just start the GoTo process to go to what you want to view and photograph.
  6. This is a long time update on my scope but it ended up being totally defective......they had me set it up and had me do some technical stuff thru the hand control and I told them what it said and the company gave me a brand new replacement one and it's been great since the day it came!!!
  7. CPC & HD Wedge users HELP! LOL So I have the CPC 1100 XLT and HD Wedge. Is there a place that describes exactly how to do the entire PROPER North Polar Alignment? I followed the instructions in my book, which is in 3 different sections and it obviously is wrong! This is what my instructions said: 1. Attach the Wedge above one of the legs for more stability and so the slant is pointing south so when the scope is attached, the fork arms will point true north. 2. Attach the telescope and then open the clutch in order to have the OTA pointing South and upward to the meridian and to do t
  8. You can realign after an object is found.....get it centered and hold down ENTER for about 2 seconds, let go and quickly press ENTER again and it saves it. I don't know how true it is but I was told by Meade that it is best to only do that on Stars for bette alignment of DSO's. Once in awhile I use the 26mm but normally use a 40mm instead....provides excellent views and if I want a magnified on I'll use the 26mm I was hoping to get out tomorrow night and try out the new tricks but apparently we're supposed to have some wicked wind
  9. Yeah, we had an explosion of humans! roflol I also got an email from one of the designers of this scope and he said there is a design flaw with it. It ALWAYS pics Sirius and Capella for it's Easy 2-star alignment. His recommendation was: "NEVER use the Two Star Auto Align....you must use the TWO STAR MANUAL align where YOU pick the two stars. Also, because of the nature of the celestial mechanics of the sky (the RA angle of Sirius and Capella) never use those two stars....you should be using (just a suggestion) Aldebaran and Pollux, or Hamal and Betelgeuse early in the evening and maybe
  10. Thanks for that information!!! I had no idea the option was available to enter coordinates and Mead did NOT inform me of that info/option! I bet that will solve my problems!!! Price had a population explosion about 3-5 years ago when the gas and oil well companies moved in.....it blew up our population to over 20,000. We've had several businesses come in and our Wal-Mart went from a normal one to a Super Center and went from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. to a 24 hour store. We've also had more motels built as well. I cannot wait to try out the scope with these new coordinates!!!
  11. Thanks for the info. Price is small but is the largest city within a 90 mile radius. I believe our opulation is over 20,000 the last I seen. The controller has no option of lat/long, elevation or time zone (i.e. +/- 7.....Utah is -7).....only the city by entering the city and state names or by using the zip code (I used the zip) and by entering the current time and using daylight saving or not. I asked Meade about this and it's accuracy, especially if I'm in the desert or high in the mountains and they said using the nearest city is accurate to within 200 miles and elevation has no bearing
  12. I got an ETX-90 and it is way off on the alignment stars and after centering them and pressing enter, about 75% of the GoTo objects are also WAY off! I had this problem with my Oriion mount as well so I updated the firmware and it fixed it. I'm trying to do the same on the ETX but it's not finding the handbox. I have the appropriate cable via a USB port on Com 3 (which is working properly). I also DL'd and installed the Meade USB com port from their site. I have the cord plugged into the hand controller, turn on the scope and then start up the program to update. When I click on Update or
  13. Ahh, shucks.....never hurts to ask. LOL
  14. Will it be possible to view asteroid 2014-YB35 and if so, where can I find the R.A. and Dec so I can try and find it? Thanks!
  15. I hope it's ok to post this!!! I would caution everyone not to buy from https://www.astronomics.com I placed an order with them over 2 weeks ago, sent an email because it never arrived, got no reply, so I sent another one yesterday and finally got a response. The email stated that some products on their web page have been "phased out" but they were sure quick to take my money!!! Time to file a complaint via paypal and the BBB. Extremely disappointed!!!!! I rarely have money to buy products and I do not have the money to repurchase the item. Eddie
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