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  1. Not too bad considering it is close to Ipswich. However we don't image at the observatory as it isn't really suitable. Our newbourne meetings are better (and darker) but for serious work we go a bit further North up the coast. I also use my own observatory for deep sky stuff. Would be glad to see you some time. just get in touch.
  2. All gone quiet on here! We now have a nice group of us at oasi interested in imaging who regularly go out and about to dark sites in | Suffolk. Anyone interested drop me an email @ oasi_chairman@outlook.com. David Murton
  3. Chris yes I know Mike well. He gets down regularly now.
  4. Kevin Sorry, just found your post! Feel free to come along to one of our Newbourne meetings and say hello. Alternate Monday evenings, see our website for dates. We have a few keen photographers although we are all relatively new to the game so you would fit in well. Feel free to drop me an email. oasi_chairman@outlook.com David Murton (OASI chairman) www.oasi.org.uk
  5. Not having room for a permanent dome I have applied some lateral thinking. See the attachment for my solution! Not having a suitable location to put a permanent dome-2.docx
  6. Oasi will be hosting our annual open evenings on 31st October and 1st November 7pm to 10pm at our observatory at Orwell park school, Nacton near Ipswich. Please come along and see this historic observatory with its 12" refractor. Check out www.oasi.org.uk for details.
  7. The Orwell astronomical society are holding a public solar outreach event on Felixstowe seafront this Sunday. We will be between the pier and the leisure centre. Come and say hello if you are in the area. Www.oasi.org.uk
  8. The Orwell astronomical society are holding a public solar outreach event on Felixstowe seafront this Sunday. We will be between the pier and leisure centre. Please come and say hello if you are about and have a look through a solar scope. Www.oasi.org.uk
  9. Just joined sgl and found this thread. You will find that oasi has changed greatly recently and we do now meet at newbourne village hall every fortnight as well as at the Nacton observatory. We also have several active imagers of all types including myself who regularly organise trips out to local dark sky sites. For those near Debenham we will be attending the street fair next Sunday so come and say hello. Check out our website and associated forum. Www.oasi.org.uk
  10. Not sure about the lots of knowledge bit! As I said I am a complete novice compared to some. Being in a club helps speed up the learning though. Don't know where you are but if you can get along to one of our events come and say hello. Check out www.oasi.org.uk.
  11. For a budget option try getting a patio heater cover. I have one on my setup and it is excellent especially if you just want something to put over for a few days. It is waterproof has vents built in and cost less than £20 through Amazon. Covers an 8"newtonian on heq5 on a pier. Great to be able to leave it all out between sessions.
  12. It all looks quite quiet on here! To introduce myself I am chairman of the Orwell astronomical society in Ipswich and also a member of the dash astro society in darsham. Saying that I have only been into astronomy for 2 years so its been a steep learning curve! My main interest is astrophotography (an even steeper learning curve! !) Anybody in the suffolk area who wants to know more about either club please get in touch. Chairman@oasi.org.uk
  13. I don't know if you are aware but there is an astronomy society based in Darsham called dash astro. Very friendly group with some very knowledgeable members and a good dark sky site.
  14. OASI will be holding a public solar outreach event at needham lakes this Sunday 1st June 11 till 4pm. Come and have a look through a solar scope and say hello.
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