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  1. There is approx. 23mm from the front of the lens to the end of the tube (with the printed text in picture), and fully extended the dew shield adds a further 36mm. And wow it looks dusty!
  2. As enjoyable as that may be, I'd rather be outside
  3. I bought this second hand, but it was almost untouched, and a relative bargain to boot. New it costs 1199 EUR from TS (approx. £1035 as of 08/03/2019 but who has any idea how this might fluctuate). Highlights: Apo air-spaced triplet with FPL53 Multiple focus positions thanks to removable tube segments 2.5” rack and pinion focuser, rotatable, dual speed controls, 6kg payload, with printed scale CNC tube rings and dovetail supplied Retractable dew shield First impressions: It’s a really nice box. Whilst it’s described as a ‘transpor
  4. The Sesto Senso has been excellent in my experience. But it does lack the manual focus control offered by the Pegasus controller, so once installed, you really need to have a computer to adjust focus. Obviously for imaging this probably isn’t a problem, but it does limit the possibility of easy visual use.
  5. I found that 12v often struggled during slewing, and upped to 13.8v and haven’t seen this since.
  6. Will do The view of my neighbours TV aerial was looking good earlier this evening, but I’m looking forward to some proper first light.
  7. Technically I went and picked up the scope... but I'm very happy with my 'travel' kit; TS-Optics photoline 90mm and SW AZ Gti
  8. @nicoscy thanks for the nudge, I now have a great looking travel kit
  9. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it a rebirth - but I’ve been somewhat re-energised and this time I’m heading in a distinctly visual direction. I bought my first ‘serious’ kit a few years ago, and have been having a lot of fun. And like I suspect others have done before me, I ended up quickly in the realms of imaging, where ‘fun’ consists of both notable expense and many hours of frustration. But actually it’s the weather that is my biggest barrier. Here in the UK there seem to have been very few useful hours that I have been able to take advantage of. In part this is also because I have t
  10. Most definitely - they look great, but price has led me to exclude them. Whilst I'm hardly looking for 'budget' options, I can't quite stretch to join The Borg Collective. Yet.
  11. So... it turns out there has (probably) been a measurement error, and the 90mm might be just on the 450mm limit :) I'm waiting for confirmation, but if so, then I think I might go for it.
  12. Yes, I was looking at the 80 triplet. That might be the new preferred if I buy new.
  13. I appreciate the push - although I’m also trying to balance the aperture with the portability and usability and don’t want to buy something ‘just becasue it’s there’.
  14. Frustratingly, it's a little over my 450mm criteria (at 470mm without the extension pieces in) - so it's a no
  15. When you put it like that, as a responsible citizen I’m almost obligated to buy it, right?
  16. Thanks - do you have any experience with the TS scope? I’m also trying to work out exactly how the tube breaks down AKA how portable it is.
  17. Hmmm, interesting. I had discounted the Star Adventurer as I’m imagining it will be mostly visual observing and the SA didn’t seem particularly suited to that.
  18. I looked at the 76 but I think it pushes me beyond my notional comfort zone in terms of price. I also couldn’t work out if it split or not, so that’s helpful to know. Or not, as it just add’s another option
  19. Hi I’m looking for a travel setup as I have now conclusively proved that the NEQ6 is *NOT* a particularly travel friendly mount ? In thinking about this further, this will most likely end up also being my grab scope for those apparently very common nights where you can already see the clouds coming in and it really isn’t worth starting to drag out my imaging kit. So far, I’ve narrowed my criteria to: Needs to fit in airline carry on (at least the OTA does), so I have 45cm max. I’m relatively convinced that I’m going with the SW AZ GTi (See here) so I have max. 5kg. An
  20. I'm fairly sure that my 'solution' falls way short of a fix - just 'doing it properly', but either way, I'm happy it helped.
  21. Had some clear skies last night and so finally got outside to look at this again - short version; problem solved, and yes, I feel like an idiot! I hadn't removed the significantly sized spacer fitted to the front of the Trius. It was one of those moments where I saw it immediately yesterday and can't for the life of me work how how i didn't see it before
  22. I think perhaps a bigger case is in order. I was looking at something similar to the one posted above on eBay, turns out it's the same company.
  23. Hi My recently acquired CCD imaging kit is all very lovely, except, I don't want to keep dismantling it in order for the scope to fit back in it's case and stored indoors between sessions. i thought I'd come up with the perfect solution, but *apparently* leaving it on the dining table isn't a viable option . So what do you guys do? Put up with disassembly, make/buy a bigger box, or something way more clever that I haven't yet considered? Justin
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