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  1. Skywatcher 80 ED DS-Pro outfit including matched flattener and motor focus. Now only £350 This kit gives you a great introduction to astronomy and imaging, which is why it's so popular. You can see details over at FLO but there is: 80 ED Ds-Pro OTA (Objective Lens Diameter: 80mm, Telescope Focal Length: 600mm, f/7.5) SW Eyepiece (2"): 28mm 2”/50.8mm Di-Electric Star Diagonal 9x50 Finderscope Dual-Speed 11:1 2” Crayford Focuser (Backlash-Free) Supplied with Tube Rings & Mounting Plate - please note there
  2. That was my first thought, but I’ve seen a couple of people saying it’s slightly small (narrow) and specifically that it doesn’t work well with the AZ Gti because of this. My no name spare works fine but looks a little ugly, maybe I’ll stick with that.
  3. So this arrived this morning, and it’s apparently clear tonight. I don’t understand? I have an actual question though - what are people’s experiences of fitting a dovetail? Any recommendations?
  4. Sadly I don’t - but let’s not rule anything out
  5. Good to know - although nowhere near
  6. Hello - where in UK are you?
  7. This sounds horribly familiar. I'd like to say that after my first few weeks/months of observing that it doesn't happen any more. I'd like to say that, but it wouldn't be true
  8. But I really try to maintain a moral stance. And Amazon essentially fail at every possible test.
  9. That’s a fair point, and I think I get a discount for being a student. But... Amazon though ?
  10. Thanks people I don’t have Amazon Prime but maybe a local storage option and Dropbox or similar will be the answer.
  11. Hi Whilst I'm still very much still getting to grips with imaging, I'm already realising that I need a better file storage solution. As a predominantly Mac user there is a distinct lack of image stacking options, so I'm happy to jump over to Windows via Boot Camp whenever necessary - but this leaves the problem of accessing my data. Quite apart from this, I'm going to run out of hard drive space relatively quickly, so for multiple reasons, I need a solution. The cheapest would be to buy an external drive and format it so that bot Mac and Windows are happy, which is easily achieved and
  12. If you’re happy with the scope then yes, absolutely you can upgrade your mount and keep the scope you have. What you upgrade it to will really depend on budget and what you wnat to do afterwards . If you’re wanting to get into imaging then you’ll need an EQ (equatorial) mount, or if you are happy with visual and just want to add the GoTo something like the AZ-GTi would work well. FLO have a good range of options (other suppliers are available).
  13. I recently bought a Petzl Tikka (it was the cheapest red light switched Petzl I could get in my local Blacks). It does exactly what I need i.e. once selected to red light the switch operates between red and off, no cycling through white. However it is very bright. As I'm always observing on my own, this isn't a huge difficult (although referring to my notebook can be a little dazzling for a few seconds) it would probably be quite annoying if there was anyone else nearby.
  14. Great - because my FLO wish list was getting too short ?
  15. I’ve just started keeping a log, which I’m writing as I observe. It’s really slowing me down, which I think is a good thing. For now I’m noting date and time, estimating seeing and transparency, any notes that are seeming relevant, and some (very average quality) sketches of what I’m observing. Later I use Stellarium or Sky Safari to add in star names.
  16. Don’t worry - you should have seen how long it took me to figure out I could remove the spacer on my SX camera. I could not work out how it was ever supposed to get focus... we live and learn. Hopefully.
  17. I’ve tried to scale from your photos (which of course isn’t going to be super accurate) and assumed that the focus scale is accurate, but I’m with @Stu - the spacers look to be more like 40mm each. This would explain it, as you can’t get out to the 52.5mm you would need to focus with one of the spacers removed.
  18. ? me too. It’s definitely the same tree? As @Stu suggested, maybe some photos might help.
  19. You included the diagonal in the second setup (one extension only), right?
  20. Yes, it’s all of the above and whilst I do have an 80mm I’ve justified it because of its travel credentials and “the other one is set up for imaging” which is apparently a believable reason.
  21. So third time lucky, right? You know you want to.
  22. I don't know about the ES comparison, but with this you get 80mm travel. I achieved focus with one tube segment and a diagonal at approx. 51mm.
  23. There is approx. 23mm from the front of the lens to the end of the tube (with the printed text in picture), and fully extended the dew shield adds a further 36mm. And wow it looks dusty!
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