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  1. Hey yous. I am visiting Kielder Observatory soon and looking for camp sites nearby. I will be going alone via public transport so the camp site will need to be as close as possible to the observatory. Thanks

    1. Adamzy


      how do I start a topic?

    2. Stargazer33


      Go to the forum that you want to post in and on the right hand side just above the list of topics is a box that says "Start New Topic". Click that and type away!

  3. yeah, Like I said I am new to all this. Simmer
  4. Wow, thanks for all the replies. I am from Newcastle btw. I am new to all this astrology stuff but very interested after visiting Keilder, and being totally blown away by how many stars were there. I want to know if there is anywhere closer to me than Keilder? if not, I will just have to visit there again. Also, can you see the milkyway out there? and can you get there via train/coach? Thank you in advance
  5. Where is the best/closest place to stargaze near me?
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