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  1. Thank you so much for your detailed reply, I think I feel I am more confident that this is the right scope for me and I know what to expect . I also own a 130 dob so I am also curious about what more I can see :-) Anyway, I guess I will soon order it and find out muself. Thanks again :-)
  2. Thank you all for the very informative replies ! I feel I know what to expect now and what problems may come up so it's been really helpful. I think this is the best scope I can get at this price and it covers most of my needs and since visual observing is my priority I guess it will provide a rather satisfying experience :-) Clear skies
  3. Thanks for your reply .I know that long exposures would not be possible with this mount, and I would actually just start with the moon and planets and perhaps try some easier DSO ( not the faint ones). But what you say about the additional weight and the sensor concerns me although , to be honest, I don't know exactly what you mean by the camera sensor and distance from the scope issue.
  4. Thank you for your reply :-)At first I wanted to go to a tracking mount that would allow me to view the object for some time without worrying it would lose the target and also try some basic photography.Then, what mainly attracted me to this mount was the dual encoders that gives you the freedom to handle it both manually and robotically. So the mount was my first concern, but I also wanted to upgrade my scope as well :-) within a certaind budget and without the portability and bulk issues of some other choices ( have the cake and eat it too) . From your experience would a MAK provide a better or different viewing experience from the 130 reflector ? I know the aperture is the same , but optics are different .Or do you think that, even just modest, the 150 is an actual upgrade?
  5. I can definitely wait for a first hand experience account :-)Hope you enjoy. Please don't forget to update me once you ve tried it ! Thanks a million
  6. I will ask them you are right, although from what I can gather from pictures and videos , because the EP is placed at the top , it won't be possible most of the time. There is a version of this mount that comes with a MAK 127 which would be a much more comfortable choice and easily transportable but I already own a130 reflector and I am not sure if the MAK would be a satisfying choice or one that would provode better viewing. Since you own the heritage as well I m sure you have enjoyed it and know what I mean :-) I hear that the MAK is good mostly for planetary viewing and because of its narrow field of view many deep sky objects would not fit in the EP.
  7. Thank you :-) this gives me an idea of what I should expect. I seen tripods with other telescopes but I haven't come across this model so I needed to ask Thanks , one again
  8. Hello :-) http://www.firstlightoptics.com/az-goto/sky-watcher-star-discovery-150p.html After much research, I have decided that this is a teleskope that has many nice features. It has a relatively big aperture ( my previous telescope had a 5inch aperture), it is economic , it can be used for basic photography, it has goto technology but also dual encoders which would allow me to also use it manually, sth that I enjoy doing. However , I haven't seen one up close and I do have a few questions, so I would really appreciate it if someone who actually owns one could help me out. 1 Dimensions. How heavy is the telescope? How much does the tube and mount-tripod weigh? Would you consider this a grab and go telescope, or one that can be carried and moved around easily? 2 Is it comfortable for viewing? Ideally , I would like to be seated but can the tripod be adjusted so that that can be possible ? Or would this only be possible with a mak tube that is smaller and the eyepiece is placed at the bottom? I am relatively short and petite so I guess size matters to me. 3 What power source do you usually use? 4. Have you tried taking pictures with it? 5. Does the tripod has the spirit level attached? 6. Are you satisfied with it? Thank you so much for taking time to consider this :-)
  9. Yes, that would be very useful but I don't think I will be able to see it before I buy it. Actually, There aren't many mountings that have similar functions. It looks quite easy to handle though in you tube videos I saw. And I don't think I will have problems with tubes up to 6 kg. however, it is a rather expensive choice( 500 euros!) and I was hoping to find sth cheaper ( around 300 euros) but now it seems like I have no other choice.Thank you for your help Clear skies :-)
  10. That was so very helpful , thank you :-) The mount is not a skywatcher though, it is the orion starseeker IV mount (http://www.telescope.com/assets/product_files/instructions/29542_06-15.pdf ) The same applies with this one I imagine!
  11. It says and I quote "One of the great features of StarSeeker IV telescopes that sets them apart from previous StarSeeker versions is the abil- ity to move the mount by hand as well as electronically with the hand controller. That is, after the initial GoTo star alignment, the telescope can be moved by hand without losing the align- ment. This can come in handy when slewing to target objects. For instance, if you know the object you want to observe is on the other side of the sky from where your telescope is currently pointed, you could move it most of the way there very quick- ly by hand, then use the hand controller to finish the precise pointing electronically using the GoTo command." That means you can move it manually, but can you tell if this means that if I move the telescope to an object by hand, I must always use the Goto as well for it to track it ? or will it be tracking anyway, wherever I point it?
  12. The virtuoso was the first one I found and really liked. It is like the orion starblast autotracker mount, but the latter is a also a tabletop that can be fitted on a tripod as well, that's why I picked it out of the two. However, my concern is that the heritage tube won't fit , or that I will encounter problems, especially if I get a bigger one in the future. have you tried it with another tube , or do you know anyone who has? :-)
  13. Sorry, the other option is the following: http://www.telescope.com/Orion-StarSeeker-IV-GoTo-Altazimuth-Mount-amp-Tripod/p/113920.uts :-)
  14. Hello :-) i ve had a 130 heritage dobsonian telescope for about a year now and I would like to purchase a different mount so that I can have more freedom and options while stargazing. i need an altazimuth mount ( not an equatorial) that I can manually manipulate and at the same time to be able to keep track of the object ( not necessarily goto but a computerised tracking fuction of some sort). The reason I would like this is to be able to study an object for some time and also perhaps use it to attach a smartphone or DSLR for some basic photography. I would also like the mount to be compatible with my 130 heritage tube and also potentially for a larger aperture ( I was thinking of buying a schmidt cassegrain 6 inch tube some time in the future so it would be nice to be able to use it with this mount) Finally , it is important for me , if it is a goto, to be able to handle it manually as well without it losing its whereabouts , because I really enjoy looking for things manually instead of having the computer do it. Do you think I could find something like that? I did some research and I found two possible solutions 1.http://www.telescope.com/Orion-StarBlast-AutoTracker-Altazimuth-Mount/p/102781.uts But I am not sure if it can fit my heritage tube or bigger And 2. http://www.telescope.com/Orion-StarBlast-AutoTracker-Altazimuth-Mount/p/102781.uts But I am not sure if I can handle it manually as freely as I would like to and it is a bit expensive So, what do you think? Do you have any other suggestions. I would really really appreciate your help Thank you :-) Clear skies
  15. I finally had the chance to observe without light pollution, it was magical!! Just being able to see the milky way is truly an unforgettable experience ... i did see many things that i hadn't spotted at my house and it was really rewarding. I also saw how astrophotography works and i was amazed by the pictures that you can take, owing of course the right equipment which is really expensive as I was told. i was surprised that even with a simple compact camera that a friend was carrying and a telescope with a tracking system you could actually take really good pictures of clusters and nebulae.anyhow, I also tried a barlow and it worked much better with my 10mm eyepiece and with saturn specifically. I definitely need to buy a table that i can carry with me , i remeber you suggesting an ikea table? Is that portable? Also a camping char is necessary :-) i ll be better prpeared for my next stargazing night ! I also wanted to thank you once more because you helped me choose the right telescope ( it's really easy to use especially if you first priority is to learn your way around the night sky) and also for your tips throughtout our conversation :-) Clear Skies P.S I ll be visiting hamburg germany this month , i wonder if the skies are any different there since u would know . I won't have my telescope though, just curious :-)
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