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  1. Can't remember which manufacturers they are but the black canisters with the grey lid always fit.
  2. I find binoculars are the best, well for the Pleiades anyway.
  3. On the iPad i don't think Sky Safari can be beat personally, it's really about all I use except if I'm on the PC or laptop in which case it's Stellarium. My PC/laptop time has really been reduced since I got the iPad about 15 months ago. There is an app for Stellarium in the App Store but I believe it's done by different people to the windows version and as far as I can remember is not much cop.
  4. Bob Sky Safari has an info button on the bottom menu. If you're looking at an object in it hit the info button and it will give loads of data including the objects current alt/AZ co-ordinates. You can get a free version of the basic Sky Safari app from the App Store under Sky Portal.
  5. Love the drawing at the top of people/beings under the tree looking at the strange contraption!
  6. I'm in Brisbane and the heat and humidity is far higher but it has never interfered with my viewing or the workings of my scopes. If it's clear go for it!
  7. I'm in Brisbane where it's not just very hot but also very humid and I can say there's no ill effects to my scopes I've noticed or heard about from other people.
  8. Hi BigMS, it was only meant lightheartedly. I was pleased when I first posted mine that I got some nice remarks and words of encouragement. I love to look at others great (and indeed not so great) collections. I'm not sure I'd spend so much on EPs as some do even if I had the money burning a hole in my pocket, there's so much other stuff I love to do as well, but to those that do I wish them the very best of luck.
  9. I did post mine months ago. I have now decided I will not post an updated version until it's close to some of these later collections, I'm sure this thread will still be going then, I reckon about 10-15 years.
  10. My first collimation of myHeritage 130p was due to the secondary taking a bump and becoming loose. I used a colicap then Cheshire and it looked spot on. When eyeballing after it seemed the secondary had twisted slightly in relation to the focusser. I left it and tried the scope later and it worked perfectly.
  11. Astro Pete http://www.astropetes.com.au/telescopes.html has a Sky Watcher 90x900 on an AZ3 for only $299. If you definitely want the EQ mount I'll take the AZ3 off your hands for $50!
  12. Excellent, I don't like laptops etc when viewing, this will come in very handy.
  13. I bought a cheap yoga mat. It's made of 3mm foam and is long enough to make a couple which is a good idea for me as I know the first one will be wrong! Not sure how I'll fix it on though, maybe Velcro.
  14. Hi Robin, I was able to use the filter quickly inbetween the cloud last night. As I say it was cloudy so I only had a chance to use it on the Orion Neb and am happy to say I was very impressed at its performance for $40 but please remember I have never used a UHC (or any type of) filter before. It was around 9pm last night and the Moon was positioned close to Orion. The Moon washed out most of the nebula and without the filter the Neb appeared dim, washed out, with no impression of where it started or ended, just a faint cloud really. With the filter attached the nebulosity was more defined, seemed illuminated, and with the background sky darkened the contrast was great. The Stars were visibly dimmed but the Trapezium was still easily visible although they appeared to have a green tinge to them. Hope this helps you or others that may be interested, to me it's 40 bucks very well spent.
  15. Ozscopes is ok but you'll get a much more varied range (and usually cheaper) from Andrews http://www.andrewscom.com.au/optical-telescopes or Bintel http://www.bintel.com.au . They will also give you great advise and answer all your questions if you give them a call. If your in Brissie go see AstroPete, http://www.astropetes.com.au/telescopes.html ,he's a great bloke and will give you plenty of advice also.
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