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  1. Many thanks for your replies; this has all been very helpful stuff. I'm now a little less in the dark than I was a few days ago! Stu
  2. Thank you both for your valuable insight. One final question, for this evening at least!.... What attributes does a 'planetary' EP have that differs to an EP without planetary in its name?
  3. After a prolonged period of indecisiveness i think I've settled on the ES 24/68 maxvision, ES 16/68 and a decent focal extender thanks to you help! Idiot question perhaps, but is a focal extender the same as a Barlow?! I'm also looking to buy a nebula filter. From what I've read I think an O-III is better for me than a UHC but would really welcome your views. Many thanks
  4. Hi and thanks again. Having read and thought some more I'm inclining towards buying the ES 16/68 plus the ES 24/68 Maxvision. Thinking of the 24 MV rather than 28 because it is 1.25" , meaning I don't have to double up on filters. And it would be compatible with a 1.25" Barlow should I try to, although I'm very grateful for your steer on this issue. I guess my question would be whether I would be losing out by going for the 24 rather than 28 MV. Apart from the obvious lower magnification does the 2" barrel make a difference compared to the 1.25"?
  5. Many thanks for your replies, gents. In terms of my location I live in Portishead, which is affected somewhat by LP from Royal Portbury and Avonmouth docks a few miles to my east. In view of this would O-III help cut out more LP than the UHC or is it less straightforward than that? Also, I'd be grateful for your suggestion on my EP thoughts above. RikM, I see you have a 250 px: would the 2" MV 28mm be too heavy for this scope? And the same question with a 2" Barlow added. When I started thinking about upgrading my EPs it seemed I had a vague idea of what to buy, but having read many forums I
  6. Hi Warpi. I'm in exactly the same position as you, having bought a Skyliner 250px two months ago and am now looking at upgrading to some better EPs. I'd be really interested in hearing how you are getting along with your new EPs. Having read this forum (and assuming you are happy with your new EPs) I am thinking about buying the MV 28, ES11/82 and a 2x Barlow which will also give me 14 and 5.5. Plus a Nebula filter for the 28 perhaps. Would be grateful for any experiences and thoughts that you, or indeed anyone else here, might be prepared to share. Am looking at the skywatcher 2" ED Deluxe 2
  7. Many thanks for your prompt and very helpful response, SpaceWalker. Plenty for me to think about there. You and many others seem impressed by the ES eyepiece you recommended above so I think I'll go for that. The eyepiece in the link below seems to be the same, but cheaper. I'd be really grateful if you'd cast your eye over it and confirm that it is indeed the same and I'm not missing something! http://www.explorescientific.co.uk/en/Eyepieces/Explore-Scientific-Maxvision-68-Okular-28mm.html?cur=1 I was thinking about buying a 2x Barlow to create 14mm but I'm wondering whether my Skyliner 25
  8. Hi. May I please ask several idiot questions as a new observer? I recently bought a SW Skyliner 250px (f/4.7) having previously owned a SW Explorer 150p for a year. I'm now looking at buying a couple of EPs to upgrade the 10mm and 25mm ones the scope came with. I'm looking for one high power EP for planetary viewing and one low power for DSOs, perhaps with a decent Barlow to double up. What is the difference between a 'planetary' EP and one of the same focal length but not identified as planetary? I assume there is a difference, but is it significant? Looking at spending up to say £90 per
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