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  1. All three are grayscale. It must be something so obvious it's not obvious!! Am going to take my laptop and files over to a contact (newly discovered) who says he has had success using this straightforward method. If we can't work it out watch this space. If we do sort out the problem I'll post the outcome. In the meantime thanks for your responses Gav - much appreciated. Annie
  2. What I do is import all three tif files into photoshop and then activate one of the tif files before selecting channels and then open the submenu (the three little lines on the right) which shows a number of options , including 'merge channels'. Merge channels is always greyed out (amongst other options). Have tried floating all three tif files just to make sure and todate nothing works. I would expect merge channels to be greyed out if I had only imported one file or if there was something amiss with the files.
  3. I think amidst the many things I've tried I have had all three opened simultaneously but I'll have another go at that before I take you up on your offer to try and open the files on your machine though I guess there will be a problem sending tif files - the last time I used dropbox I couldn't send as we have a very low broadband speed. If we're lucky we get 3mps. If we moved to fibre am told it should increase to 4mps!!
  4. No problem 'Oddsocks' Gav - that's exactly what I've been trying to do but after I've opened one of the images, gone to channels and clicked on the lines icon on the right hand side the option 'merge channels' is greyed out and no matter what I do it remains greyed out. I just can't see why? It seems such a straightforward process. I seem to remember using this method some time ago and it worked. Not now and haven't changed anything. Still PS CC and windows 10. It's driving me mad!!
  5. ps! I think this is the link to Sarah Wager's tutorial - Generating colour images from RGB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BpBtDKdKDI
  6. Thanks Olly but have already tried that and it doesn't work. There's a more complex method described by Scott Ireland where you have to do that but not in Steve Richards version. Have also seen Sara Wager's utube of the simple method which is exactly the same as Steve's. I just don't understand why the merge channel remains greyed out it's got to be something really obvious . Annie
  7. Please can someone tell me what I'm missing! Am trying to generate a colour image from some RGB's imaged with my mono Atik 460, stacked and aligned in DSS. In his book , Dark Art or Magic Bullet Steve Richards describes a straightforward process: open all three stacked subs in photoshop, activate the red channel and via the Channels sub menu select 'merge channels'. The rest is easy I guess but whatever I do 'merge channels' remains stoically greyed out! I've imported all three as 16 bit tifs, greyscale, all the same size etc. It must be something so obvious I've missed and it's driving me mad! Cheers Annie
  8. Thanks for reminding me about Astronomy Shed. Will have a look. Annie
  9. Have just up-graded to an NEQ6 Pro Synscan after enjoying two years using an HEQ5 Pro. Remarkably I've made good progress in-spite of being one of the least practically minded people on the planet and becoming addicted to this hobby very late in life! When I first got the HEQ5 the manual made poor sense to me and eventually I discovered Astro Baby's site and followed her excellent instructions for accurate polar aligning, which included centering the reticule and setting the scales. This seemed to work really well for me so I would like to stick as closely as poss to this with the NEQ6 - is there any reason why I can't do this? One query I have looking at the HEQ6 manual is that when I set up my HEQ5 I used Polarfinder to find out what time & date Polaris was in transit but the NEQ6 manual says that at 1.00am on October 10 Polaris is in transit anywhere in the world so to use this - I wonder if I've understood this properly? I've got a Pulsar observatory on order which should arrive Sept time so the NEQ6 will be a permanent installation - hopefully it won't take me all winter to get everything set up though I have lots of help from two local astro friends (plus hubbie who's currently slaving away on the obsey base) who've been brilliant . Many thanks Annie
  10. Continuing to look at all those suggestions - thanks for the replies - much appreciated. Annie
  11. Thanks for your replies guys - all very useful. We had thought about mounting the dob on the HEQ5 but I think hubbie is looking for an excuse for a second scope! I take the point about guiding so that would be for the future for me. hadn't thought about the 200p or the bressier but am sure we'll now have a look at these before making a final decision. Thanks again Annie
  12. last year I started imaging with an HEQ5 pro synscan with my DSLR and f/2.8 300mm lens whilst my husband bought an 8" revelation Dob which he has enjoyed. We would however like to have a scope that can be used on my HEQ mount to have the benefit of tracking and 'go-to'. it would be good to have views roughly equivalent to that of the Dob and possibly a scope that could be used in some way for imaging though observing is the priority so the imaging potential is not vital. I am in any case happy to continue to look at what my 300mm lens can do, with and without tc's and eventually may well buy some kind of refractor. We're looking at the Celestron C8 as a reasonable compromise but would be happy to consider any other suggestions though not sure we want another dob at this stage. We have a flexible budget. The weight capacity for the HEQ5 mount is 11kg for imaging and 15kg for observing. We're at a point where the phrase; 'paralysis through analysis' seem apposite! Thanks Annie
  13. Not sure which forum to post this on but would appreciate some help! have been following the beginners forum on equipment and receiving notifications for new posts. I no longer want to receive notifications but in-spite of following the instructions and unchecking the 'send me news and information' box am still receiving stuff and each time I enter the site the box is checked again! I guess I must have missed something obvious! Annie
  14. Another option to consider is to just start off with a decent mount like the HEQ5 Pro Synscan, (just a little over your budget) use your Canon DSLR plus any lenses you have and think about a scope later though I guess that may depend on what lenses you have. All the best with your search. Annie
  15. As I'm a naive beginner with only experience of an HEQ5 type mount this may be entirely irrelevant but the basis for my star alignment is having the mount accurately polar aligned! I have found a number of things very frustrating and not very well explained but have persevered and finally got somewhere! Lots of luck Annie
  16. ps! - had a quick look on the i-optron site - where did you find your star list!? Cheers Annie
  17. Yup - definitely need a list and looking at the weather forecast I've got plenty of time to sort something out! Annie
  18. Thanks John and Chris. Yes I was surprised at the list of stars I was confronted with - I could see bright stars in the sky that didn't seem to be on the list and the first two I selected were behind a nearby wood. Hopefully I'll be better prepared next time - if the weather ever clears!. I'll probably stick to a two star alignment as that worked fine on the first two occasions. Thanks guys Annie
  19. Thanks for that John - if I'm imaging and choose a star adjacent to my target I assume it's okay to just do a one star alignment? Annie
  20. It would be just the thing to be able to put in the star you want wouldn't it! Will try several 'runs' Thanks 'Tinker' Annie
  21. Don't think I explained myself very well Chris - there were stars I recognized on the appropriate side of the meridian which didn't seem to be on the synscan list. However I think your idea of keeping a shortlist of appropriate stars in a notebook is really good - am going to do just that. Thanks Chris Annie
  22. First two times I set up mount and camera for imaging I did a two star alignment and knew the first two stars suggested so had no problems. On the third occasion I didn't recognize any of the stars suggested and the first two were not appropriate as they were behind trees. Can I choose my own stars as there were bright stars visible which I recognized? Cheers Annie
  23. Astronomy is a new joint interest for hubby and I, though I'm also interested in astrophotography. In addition to other stuff we bought a Dobsonian scope. In theory it easy to use but nothing is that straight forward in this hobby. We have had a lot of enjoyment from reading about the night sky and then using our eyes and binoculars to find our way round. That approach has been instantly rewarding. Setting up most scopes can be frustrating if you're a beginner so I can only echo what others have said, don't rush into a scope it might not meet your expectations, at least initially. Our binoculars have exceeded our expectations! Good luck whatever you decide. Annie
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