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  1. I've never looked back since starting to use Polemaster - brilliant bit of software - easy to use, just follow the directions on screen. Annie
  2. Thanks Joe and thanks Kinch. Have looked at the link and note the need for precise back focus. Haven't yet looked to see how my imaging will be affected but will do and as you say it could give me a nice option. Annie
  3. I made a mistake when I bought the Takahashi focal extender for my 106ed as am no longer interested in increasing my focal length. I don't want to make another expensive mistake but would like to do some wider field imaging and am wondering whether anyone knows if the Takahashi reducer works well before I shell out even more money? Annie
  4. Hopefully someone will be cherishing it Marv! Annie
  5. That's a very impressive Thor's Helmut and ditto about thinking of what many Australians are going through! Annie
  6. Since starting deep sky imaging I have been so preoccupied with getting my equipment to work and learning how to process I've never really got round to learning much about astronomy. However after seeing that Katrina Raynor Evans is giving a talk this year on Astro Philately to my local Astronomy Society - Newtown, Powys I've started collecting space stamps! On Katrina's recommendation I've bought a book ''Stamping Through Astronomy' by Renato Ducati and can highly recommend it. Brilliantly illustrated throughout and a great way of learning about the history of astronomy. Hope I've po
  7. They're now only £100 cheaper than the Astrodon's and more like thirteen hundred for two!! Annie
  8. Chroma filters arrived - very excited. Will be even m ore excited when/if we ever get another clear night! Bought from Bernard at Modern Astronomy with the usual good service. Very grateful for the good advice from this forum! Annie
  9. Going to order the two Chroma filters tomorrow and install them in my Atik EFW2. I guess a bit of experimentation will be needed to get the best out of them with my setup. Mind you a clear night or two would help!! Annie
  10. Thanks everyone for your helpful comments, they're much appreciated! I'm particularly interested in the comments about Chroma and quite persuaded. Thanks again Annie
  11. All in all I will feel safer buying in the UK. Have bought from Ian King before so may well go in that direction. Otherwise I suspect I probably would pay VAT and possibly import duties. Thanks for the responses. Annie
  12. I thought that might be the case Dave - do you happen to know when VAT is applied as I put it in my cart as though I was going to buy and only the postage is calculated and shown at that point?
  13. Am thinking about buying a 3nm Astrodon filter, Ha, 36mm unmounted and have been looking at where to buy from. There are outlets in the UK where the price would be around £750. If I buy from Farpoint (the company that has taken over Astrodon) in the USA the price including postage via UPS to the UK would be around £666. That's quite a saving! I'm wondering if there are any hidden charges or any other catches that I haven't thought about. Am nervous enough about spending so much on one filter!
  14. What a faff around. When I went back to an older build of Windows 10 the camera connected but I then found I couldn't delay updates so reinstalled the newer version (1903) and found my camera did connect - however!!! the time after that the camera failed to connect again and a message appeared telling me there was an error with the Artemis capture software and to try reinstalling. I did that and all seems ok. Just waiting for the next clear night!! What a hobby! Watch this space!!! Annie
  15. Well first of all thanks for all the helpful replies. I went back to a previous Windows 10 build on my laptop and Artemis now connects though am not sure whether this was just coincidence. I then had another problem with windows 10 insisting on installing updates at entirely the wrong time. Anyway I seem to be up and running again thank goodness. I have to say though am going to give serious thought to another laptop just for imaging. I have two laptops and my old one is packing up so now might be just the time to consider another one for imaging only and will have a look at Lenovo.
  16. Atik 460ex. Going to look at Device Manager and try and find out if it's a com port issue - not that I know much about that! Soon will I guess.
  17. There's a thought - yes I have had windows updates since it last worked but will uninstall etc. Thanks Annie
  18. I've been using Artemis for about a year now with no problems so no idea why this has suddenly happened. I suppose my next step might be to uninstall it and reinstall?
  19. For the first time when opening Artemis Capture software it failed to connect to my camera and I have no idea why? Have been through the usual and checked the various connections and they all seem fine. The right noises occur when I connect the power and the usb to my laptop. No idea what to do next - help definitely needed! Annie
  20. I haven't added any darks, flats or bias Steve but will now - I never thought of the obvious!! Annie
  21. Have done a very quick stack and process of 15x300sec Ha exps of NGC6960 taken with Takahashi 106ed and Atik mono 460ex on NEQ6 with MGEN guider. Can anyone tell me what might be the cause of the dark patch bottom left. It has also appeared on another target. Can light leakage result in a dark patch? Annie
  22. Have used the MGEN for about 4 years now and can't fault it. First on a little TS Star 71 and a DSLR and now in my obsey on NEQ6 with Takahashi 106, and Atik 460, mono. Have it on 60mm guide scope. Bought it from Teleskop Services. Annie
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