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  1. There's a thought - yes I have had windows updates since it last worked but will uninstall etc. Thanks Annie
  2. I've been using Artemis for about a year now with no problems so no idea why this has suddenly happened. I suppose my next step might be to uninstall it and reinstall?
  3. For the first time when opening Artemis Capture software it failed to connect to my camera and I have no idea why? Have been through the usual and checked the various connections and they all seem fine. The right noises occur when I connect the power and the usb to my laptop. No idea what to do next - help definitely needed! Annie
  4. I haven't added any darks, flats or bias Steve but will now - I never thought of the obvious!! Annie
  5. Have done a very quick stack and process of 15x300sec Ha exps of NGC6960 taken with Takahashi 106ed and Atik mono 460ex on NEQ6 with MGEN guider. Can anyone tell me what might be the cause of the dark patch bottom left. It has also appeared on another target. Can light leakage result in a dark patch? Annie
  6. Have used the MGEN for about 4 years now and can't fault it. First on a little TS Star 71 and a DSLR and now in my obsey on NEQ6 with Takahashi 106, and Atik 460, mono. Have it on 60mm guide scope. Bought it from Teleskop Services. Annie
  7. Thanks for the link John. Am going to try the astronomik one I have again and if it doesn't work will have a go at the 685nm Altair one. Annie
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I do have the one you suggest Dave but when I last used it, admittedly some time ago when I didn't persevere much I couldn't get any image but will have a more concerted effort this time. I do have an Olll filter as part of my deep sky set up so will try that also. Annie
  9. Sorry meant to post this on the Lunar forum! Annie
  10. Am wanting to have a go at some lunar imaging as a side interest to deep sky imaging. Will be using a Skymax 150 pro hubby used to use for his observing, with a ZWO asi 120 mono on NEQ6. I also have a 2.5x powermate. Firecapture is the software I have. I am thinking a 1.25" red filter would be a good idea but have only been able to find them as part of sets and don't really want to buy a set. Is a red filter a good idea with my set up ? Annie
  11. Not considered that Geoff but will give it consideration though don't want to sell my HEQ5 but do want to find a use for it! Am particularly interested that you say the fork mount would be heavier than an HEQ5 pro synscan. Thanks for the response. Annie
  12. I've read some threads about this topic but still confused about what might be best for me. I have an observatory setup for deep sky imaging and have tried to keep it simple. My Takahashi 106 has a smooth focus mechanism so I find all I need for that is a bhatinov mask together with Atik Artemis capture software. My guider is stand alone - Lacerta MGEN and I use the synscan for mount control. I'm not particularly technically minded and find this setup just works for me. Recently I've set up my HEQ5 outside to do some lunar imaging with hubby's scope - Skymax 150. This has a moonlight focuser fitted which I don't find works that well on the skymax. Have been using it with a little ZWO and Firecapture. Have enjoyed the lunar imaging so decided to buy a C8 (would like the C9.25 but am in my early 70's so weight is an issue). Would like some kind of motor/electronic focuser and have been looking at the JMI but wondered if there others I could look at? Am not great at DIY so want something that's easy to fit. I don't mind using some additional software but want to be able to continue using the synscan for mount control. Am not particularly constrained by cost ! Thanks Annie
  13. What a lovely sketch - can't stop looking at it! Annie
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