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  1. Sorry Ken!! Have had a look at all the suggestions and have to say the Feather touch is very tempting and as am now in my 70's - what the hell!! Am now looking at motors - any suggestions in that direction? Annie
  2. Am going to have a look at the Revelation. If by any chance I don't find it satisfactory I can always go for the expensive option. Thanks for the suggestions guys - much appreciated Annie
  3. Am planning to buy a C9.25 specifically for lunar/planetary imaging and will be using it on my HEQ5 with a ZWOASI74. I want to add some kind of focuser to this set up but not sure what to consider so would appreciate some advice. Although my DIY skills have improved since I started deep sky imaging they're not great so looking for something fairly straightforward. Budget is not a huge issue. (but not limitless!!) Annie
  4. Have only just got APP and found this on their site : Complete LRGB Tutorial of NGC292, The Small Magellanic Cloud. Annie
  5. I usually stack in DSS and process in photoshop but recently bought Registar and used it for the first time yesterday as I have some Ha, LRGB subs (taken over several nights) of M101 which I would like to align and combine. All the LRGB subs are 300sec, 1x1 binning and imaged through Baader 7nm filters. The Ha subs are 600secs, binning 1x1 using Chroma 3nm filter. Am happy with the process of aligning and cropping/padding each channel in Registar but am confused about combining each channel and then aligning the Ha and Luminance with the RGB file. If I use DSS to stack each channel a 32 bit tif file is produced which Registar will not open. I get the following message ' Please ensure the file has not been compressed using a proprietary compression scheme' ? Thanks Annie
  6. Super image and nicely presented. Annie
  7. Am hoping the forecast is right for tonight so am intending to use my 3nm Ha filter for the first time as part of my luminance. If I was using a 7nm filter I would collect 7/8 x600secs. Should I collect more with my 3nm? Probably a naive question!! Annie
  8. Doug German does an excellent tutorial on Multi-session stacking in DSS. Annie
  9. I can't see the image either! Annie
  10. I am replacing two Baader 7nm filters with two Chroma 3nm narrowband filters, 36mm unmounted into an Atik EFW2. Have replaced one but am not sure I've done it correctly so before I fit the second one would appreciate some help. It's a different design from the Baader - deeper and I haven't managed to get it to fit as flush as the Baader ones? The Baader filters are mounted on a rubber ring and screws with little white spacers are used to secure the filters so they are flush. I've assumed I should do the same with the Chroma filters though the rubber ring is very fiddly to fit - I've just dropped it in until it looked ok and then dropped (gently!!) the filter on top ? It's all a bit nerve racking thinking about how much I've paid for the filters!! Annie
  11. I've never looked back since starting to use Polemaster - brilliant bit of software - easy to use, just follow the directions on screen. Annie
  12. Thanks Joe and thanks Kinch. Have looked at the link and note the need for precise back focus. Haven't yet looked to see how my imaging will be affected but will do and as you say it could give me a nice option. Annie
  13. I made a mistake when I bought the Takahashi focal extender for my 106ed as am no longer interested in increasing my focal length. I don't want to make another expensive mistake but would like to do some wider field imaging and am wondering whether anyone knows if the Takahashi reducer works well before I shell out even more money? Annie
  14. Hopefully someone will be cherishing it Marv! Annie
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