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  1. Thanks for clarifying Dreadz, looks like I'll be buying two scopes eventually after all
  2. Yeah HEQ6 is pretty extremo for this setup. I asked out of interest for astrophotography, since it would be pretty cool to use the UC for getting some awesome pictures. If the UC doesn't support photography very well, its no biggie. I think general star gazing will hold me over until I buy a bigger scope that can support tracking
  3. Right you are! I wouldn't dream of pointing a cannon at anything but the moon and planets in the city Just a few hours drive though is Mont Megantic, which has some reasonably dark skies (Darkest around here anyway). If I'm going fuzzy hunting it will be there for sure. In a year or two though I'd like to relocate to Hawaii and take advantage of the darkest skies around, which is partly why I'm trying to get a-hold of a nice piece of equipment. On another note though, does anyone know if the Obsession UC has the possibility of a motorized mount? I know the classics support it, but it gets muddy when I try searching for the UC. Thanks everyone!
  4. Dang you're right, I just checked out the classifieds and they have giants for half price! Time to browse
  5. A tittilating idea, but that would drive the price up a bit too high Portability is going to be one of the biggest factors in considering which scope I'll get. It should basically be able to fit into a hatchback, so anything over 18" is pushing it unfortunately.
  6. Thank you John! I agree, asking about two heavy hitters does tighten up the probability, but I look forward to seeing what might come of it
  7. Hey folks, so I am considering dropping some serious money on a good set of mirrors and metal and I am in between these two wonderful scopes. At the moment, the 12.5" Portaball runs at about the same price as the 15" Obsession at roughly ~$5,500 before shipping and whatnot. Now it might seem that aperture would be the immediate deciding factor here, but I wanted to divert our attention to the optics of the two scopes (as well as some other odds and ends). The Portaball ships with a Zambuto, and the obsession has either Galaxy or OMI. Now its pretty clear that Zambuto is the gold standard without much of a fuss, so we can leave him alone. The real question is, will the obsession provide the same diamond-on-black-velvet images with superb contrast as the Portaball? If the answer is no, then the decision becomes more troublesome since we will be deciding between brightness (Obs) and contrast (PB), as well as the remaining points below. Second thing on the list is the size of the secondary mirror and the design of the spider legs. The UC has a slightly larger secondary at 2.6" compared to the 2.14" of the PB (correct me if I'm reading the wrong numbers on the site), meaning a possible difference in contrast and FOV in larger eyepieces. The spider in the PB is curved and has two legs, as opposed to the straight 3 legged spider of the UC. I hope someone with experience may chime in on the relevance of those differences to overall optical quality. Now for the odds and ends: Speed: The UC is a f/4.5 scope, while the PB is an even f/5. A coma corrector has been recommended for the UC, meaning a possible increase in cost. Tracking/movement: Although the UC is superbly designed down below, it is quite hard to beat a rotating ball that you can freely manipulate. Overall design: The UC is, as its name suggests, ultra compact. It will take up less space in a car, and may take more or less time to set-up. I am not sure which one is easier to collimate, so someone will have to clarify. The one big whoop I see in the UC is the shroud doesn't quite cover the primary completely, so if you have an excited friends running up to see your scope they may kick some particles into the mirror. In the greater scheme of things, one can probably make a DIY mirror cover for the exposed parts at the bottom. I think that just about covers the big points to consider. What I am really looking for with this post is hopefully someone who has tried one or both and can help tip the scales with some experience. Thanks everyone!
  8. I'll be the first to say that is one cute little colourful nebula!
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