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  1. Thanks for all your help. Was really helpful. Can't wait to assemble it.
  2. Just got my telescope!! YAY! BUT... I don't know how to assemble it properly Wasn't sure how to assemble my 6" mount :S I found a video online but it was for the 8" & 10". Would the instructions be the exact same for the 6". Here is the video I found - I find that the wood screw that you use to connect the side board to the front base board too big, and was scared to screw it in, in case i damage it. Maybe i'm just being cautious but would like to get some thoughts on it.
  3. Sakura

    Hi everyone!

    Just purchased my Skywatcher 6" Dobsonian!! Can't wait for clear skies, so that i can finally use it
  4. Everyone is just so helpful! I'm glad i found this site. Can't wait to learn more!
  5. Sakura

    Hi everyone!

    I'm a Uni student from Australia. I'm completely in love with the beauty of the night sky ever since I saw a comet as a child. Been using the naked eye to observe the stars for years, but lately I've decided that I wanted to take this a bit more seriously and have bought a book on astronomy for beginners, alI that is to buy a telescope Currently thinking of purchasing the Skywatcher 6" Dobsonian telescope. Am looking forward to all the new things i will learn.
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