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  1. Wish I'd seen this yesterday. Just recycled 4 years of S@N/AN. Tried to Freecycle and got somebody to take 4 for their child who was doing a school project. Seems such a waste but once I've read them I don't normally go back to them so they were just clutter.
  2. I bought the Skywatcher 250 dob about 6 months ago and am happy with it. I've heard about the eyepieces not being the best but until I have a lot more viewing experience I'm not sure what I would replace them with. I'm still finding my way around the sky but know so much more than I did a few months ago. The scope is easily manageable as the base is separate but I have kept a couple of the polystyrene bits so that I can put them on the garden table and support the scope on them whilst I put the base in the required location. Hoping to find Uranus tonight before the moon comes up and then it will probably be on to Andromeda if it stays clear. Hope that this helps.
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    Hi, After studying astronomy 20 ish years ago, I'm now getting back to practical observing. I've been to a couple of local club meetings but they have stopped for the summer. I'm getting familiar with the night sky with the aid of a decent pair of 10*50 bins but am eager to get a scope. Pretty sure that a Dobsonian is best for my needs (general use but may get hooked on a particular topic at various times) and am not sure whether to start with the 200mm or pay 50% more for the 250mm. I'll probably post more info in the Equipment section for advice. We are semi-rural, in North Hampshire, and have a large garden with plenty of trees etc to hide behind to obscure light. Not sure what else to say but would appreciate any advice and I'll be happy to help others where I can. Chees
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