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  1. Hi Robin - I did have a read of that - really great information. I worked out what I would need from that and I am still a bit torn because as Chris says, there are some decent sets going 2nd hand, but I do see the attraction in identifying and getting the specific pieces you need. My plan is to take my scope to the next astro meet and play with their eyepieces (which includes some plossls from a set) and then I will see which ones I think I feel the need to own myself... They do have a zoom eyepiece as well, a Williams Optics one, so will see if that would be a good fit for me. Thanks again.
  2. MattJenko


    Thanks to all for the extremely warm welcome. I hope to give back as much as I am certainly going to get, judging by all the responses! I saw my first galaxy smudges and my first globular clusters this week, so off to a great start, despite the weather here on the East of the country. I hope to keep going and improve and take on the more technical aspects of this activity, so I really appreciate the open, helpful feel of this forum. Thanks again.
  3. Hi Steve, As a fellow new arrival - welcome - Looking at the locations of a lot of the posters here, Essex is certainly well represented! Matt
  4. Very interesting, thanks. I guess also, going for individual pieces means that the research and subsequent knowledge aquired is going to be much greater than getting a pre-decided set of pieces.
  5. Sure, sorry - Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ.
  6. I know there are multiple threads on eyepiece sets vs individual and the discussions over eyepiece quality with current beginner telescope etc which have been extremely useful, but I have a scenario to run past you more experienced guys to see if it makes sense. I have a scope which seems a decent one to my inexperienced eyes, but the 2 eyepieces which came with it are not the best. I took my scope to an astro society meetup and tried out some other eyepieces compared to mine and the results were obvious and pretty damning for my 10mm + 20mm ones. My question is that seeing as I need to upgrade and get a decent low, medium, high power eyepieces and all the filters as I have none (assuming my current stoick eyepieces are no good at all now), then does it still make sense to get a single eyepiece at a time as my budget allows, or get a decent baseline set of eyepieces/filters/barlow and then go the 'life-time' eyepiece at a one by one route? I am pretty certain I am going to get a set to simply get all the filters and an acceptable level of eyepieces, but I would appreciate any feedback.
  7. MattJenko


    make-up artist. must. proof. read. more.
  8. MattJenko


    Afternoon. I am a late starter into the skies above. Which is a little curious given my fondness for all things physics/maths. And it was my wife who got me on the path upwards. We recently purchased an entry level Pentax DSLR for her to learn fashion photography, as she is already a maek-up artist, and while that holds no real interest for me, I thought I would turn my hand at Astro work to learn about it. As well as doing an online optics course from MIT, I did some research and purchased my first telescope: an Astromaster 130 EQ. After my first viewing of Jupiter and its moons, I am hooked. I have joined the North Essex Astro Society and have been to the Munday-Sayer observatory a few times and can safely say that I feel very welcome and can see myself doing this and spending money relentlessly for years to come. Cheers Matt
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