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Status Updates posted by MattJenko

  1. off to StarFest :)

  2. Daydreaming

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    2. Earl
    3. David Smith

      David Smith

      That's what work is for, isn't it?

    4. Robp


      I'm night dreaming :)

  3. what's on my mind - nothing after a couple of late nights. i am not as young as i once was...

    1. Pondus


      Then I suggest :

      Put on "Where is my mind?"


    2. Joel Shepherd

      Joel Shepherd

      At fifty I find I'm good for three nights in a row and the last one is an effort. It takes a week to recover.

    3. MattJenko


      Can't argue with the pixies. 3 nights in a row would put me into a day coma for sure.

  4. Gearing up for a potential all nighter tomorrow. Excellent.

    1. PhotoGav


      Right there with you. Forecast is looking good till dawn! GRS transit starting at approx 8pm - could this finally be my chance to get a decent pic of Jupiter? What are you planning?

    2. RobertI


      Good on you Matt, I may pop out with the grab and go and work through a few more doubles on my list. Sadly have to get up early on Sat so cannot be a late one for me.

  5. New Vixen SLV 6mm turned up today. Hurrah. Had to wrap it up as it is a present. Boo.

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