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Status Updates posted by PatrickGilliland

  1. Off to see Cmdr Chris Hadfield - should be interesting.......

    1. jetstream


      Have a great time Paddy, Chris has a passion for space and sharing his experiences.

  2. Whats with this sky - one night its clear and fog rolls in - very frustrated!!!

    1. Uranium235


      Ive given up all hope for the next week at least, the jetstream isnt in our favour at the mo.

    2. ronin


      I think it's called Weather. Some years ago, as in last century, I recall someone saying: Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.

  3. FIngers crossed for clear skies tonight

  4. its cold out here!

    1. Pete Presland

      Pete Presland

      autumn around the corner!

  5. New QSI, Takahashi and Borg Ready - Oh guess what its raining!!

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    2. Luke


      Yikes, batten down the hatches! :) Congrats on the new gear!

    3. Martin-Devon


      Enjoy Paddy - that's a serious package of kit - soon the rain will stop and then you'll be like a kid in a toy shop!

    4. PatrickGilliland


      Apologies poor whether continues, I take responsibility for buying new kit!!

  6. What to image tonight?

    1. tingting44


      anything will be a bonus for me lol

    2. tingting44


      think im going to test out my new CC and LP filter from my light polluted garden and test out astro tortilla in the field ready for when i start getting back to our dark site :)

  7. New filter here, hoping for clear skies

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