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  1. I was wondering why my compass apps were all not working properly! I used a standard camping compass and found that the scope affects it as soon as I bring the compass any closer than about 10" from it.
  2. My old 8" Dobsonian, don't have it any more. Modified to hold a laptop for recording through CCD
  3. And a shot of Copernicus crater a few nights ago using the Neximage 5
  4. Single frame, 8" Dobsonian, Celestron Neximage 5 camera
  5. Here's a shot from my 8" Dobs using a Neximage 5. 2 single frames, one with exposure high to bring out the moons, one exposure low to bring out planet's bands
  6. Nice! I never get sick of moon shots, either taking them or looking at them
  7. I hear the stars at night are big and bright there. Hi from Australia
  8. I do all the time when moving it. I'm just careful the dog goes nowhere near it when it's standing up
  9. neonblade

    First attempt with Neximage 5

    Jupiter, Io, Europa and Callisto. No stacking Composite of 2 images
  10. Wow! This is what I'm aiming for. Great shots!
  11. This image is from my first attempt last night with a Celestron Neximage 5, it's a composite of 2 images, gain turned down on one to capture banding on Jupiter (Otherwise it's just a white ball) then gain turned up on the second image to capture the Jovian moons. Hand-guiding can be very frustrating, but I enjoy the challenge! Download "Star Forming"'s excellent Guide from this post in the Forums, it's excellent!: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/176799-planet-astrophotography-with-a-manual-dobsonian-tutorial/ You also might find this useful: http://www.iceinspace.com.au/63-201-0-0-1-0.html
  12. Just bought one on eBay, first try with it last night. The "Icap" software that comes with it (Registax is on the installation disc too) is pretty good. I have been using a 3mp telescope webcam, this new one has 3 advantages over it: 1) Higher resolution (the obvious one) 2) No "lag". My 3mp one had about a 2 second delay between moving the camera and the movement showing up on the laptop screen, whereas the Neximage is pretty much instant. the lag was very frustrating when moving the scope trying to get an object centered on screen! 3) Icap software allows me to alter the Gain while filming. The attached image is a composite of 2 cropped frames from a video at 1280x720 resolution. 1st frame had gain turned up to capture Jovian moons, 2nd frame had gain turned down so banding on Jupiter was visible. No stacking, but I'm going to try that later today. Might try Saturn tonight, looking forward to getting some good 5mp lunar pics when the Moon is rising at a more respectable hour too. Using a hand-cranked 8" Dobsonian
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