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  1. Hi The auto stretch allows you to see any artefacts that need correcting such as cropping stacking errors etc. You need to choose the histogram option in image processing tab and perform the actual stretch before saving the imaging. Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks everyone Already learnt so much from this site already Keep up the good work
  3. Introduced to the wonders of the universe by my dad but only taken an active part in astronomy in the last 2 years. Started to do a bit of astrophotography as well with varying degrees of success Need some advice regarding DSLR purchase ( see camera section) please
  4. Hi Been into astronomy for a couple of years and now got the astrophotography bug. Also deciding between a 600d and 60d Am I right in saying that I can do planetary imaging without a laptop with the 60d? This would be a big advantage to me as my laptop battery is dead and I have to use an extension for webcam imaging at the moment Are the mov files convertible to avi using virtualdub? Any advice would be appreciated Ps Love the forum. Has helped me a lot since starting this hobby
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