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  1. Yes Scorpion I have these and they are a great buy for the price
  2. Hi everyone, Just after some advice on these awesome set of bins that I recently bought second hand, I have the Helios Quantum 4 25x100 binocaulars and no matter what position or focus I have them in I am always getting a 'double vision' look through them. Does anyone have any ideas on how I would collimate it or where the adjustment screw are 'hidden' Kind regards Steve
  3. Thank you Blazar, Merry Christmas also to you and your family, will look forward to some clear nights over the next few months and hopefully get a chance to meet up with you (and hopefully others) very soon !! Steve
  4. Damn it , im booked for a night in , oh well i suppose a back yard will have to do, have a good night Blazar, fingers crossed for a clear one then [emoji6] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Superb results Blazar, it was great to see your setup in action , ill be sure to come down again when theres a future meet up
  6. Cool, I'll try and drop in on the way back between stansted and the Basildon depot, if we can get away early enough
  7. If you guys go what kind of time are you looking at roughly ?
  8. I might drop by as I'm working g up in stansted tonight, I cut through the Easters yesterday night as stopped and had naked eye look about, it's very good and very little light pollution up the way
  9. Been put on a course tomorrow so I won't be able to make it so I'll be at location MBG (my back garden) tonight :-(
  10. If you can pm me your mob number I can text you Monday evening to see if your still there, providing it's a go-er Sent from my iPhone
  11. I could come straight from work when I leave at 10 , I could just bring my bins , so I would get there say half 10 Sent from my iPhone
  12. Might try for that , how long do you roughly stay out for? Sent from my iPhone
  13. Yes I was in a field in Dorset , clear skies for a couple of hours with no light pollution, could see the Milky Way almost from end to end, it's was great and using the bins I could see a much larger view of the andromeda galaxy and cluster in Hercules ;-) very happy Sent from my iPhone
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