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  1. hello Annie welcome. this forum is full of friendly knowlagable people.
  2. i was looking on ebay at a skywatcher t adapter with the 2x barlow built into it. Do you think that would be ok?
  3. thanx brewaskew, I will have a look at some kit
  4. Whoever stated that a dog is mans best friend was dam right, I have a chocolate lab named Thor, hes like my shadow. he comes to work with me, he comes with me when I go out stargazing when I go fishing and generaly follows me around everywhere. Although he almost ended up at the dogs home the other day after running full bore into my telescope, it was a good job I was standing right next to it to stop it hitting the deck. But I wouldn't be without him hes a pain sometimes but hes my best friend.
  5. My wife is a photographer and wants to try her hand at astrophotography. Ive had a look at a few things (attatchments and stuff) on the tinterweb , but im still not sure what we need to get started. I have a skywatcher explorer 130 eq2 and a Nikon D3200 DSLR. What atatchments do I need to attatch the camera to the scope? any help would be appreciated, thanx guys. Ben
  6. the new 12inch dob im ordering next week is only costing £275.............. or so the wife thinks She gets her new camera lenses that cost hundreds of £ at a time so everyone is happy, she makes a living out of her photography so she says she NEEDS them, so its six of one and half a dosen of the other as far as im concerned
  7. I was looking for it last night but couldn't find it. going back out in a little while to hunt it down.
  8. Sorry for the loss of your friend angie, cracking picture though.
  9. its clear here not a cloud in the sky.......................... I shouldn't have said that should I?
  10. I have the same scope and I get some nice results with the 10mm and 2x barlow as long as the seeing is good. im also on the lookout for a new eyepiece and lots of people have suggested the BST 8mm starguider. I also get some good results with using different coloured filters. but im giving into peer pressure and looking at getting the skywatcher 8inch dob. (better than spending the money on beer I suppose)
  11. its not looking too bad here. Its been pretty nice all day so fingers crossed the nice clear skies will carry on tonight to hopefully have a look at comet panstarrs.
  12. im staying up for a while, just had to bring my scope in as the weather has took a turn for the worse and its started raining a little bit, hopefully it will clear up in the next few hours though.
  13. comet hunting tonight

  14. welcome Robert, I work with a lot of lads from stoke.
  15. im going to have a good look for it tonight I think. weather depending of course.
  16. Is anyone else on the lookout for this in the next couple of weeks? http://www.jb.man.ac.uk/astronomy/nightsky/CometMay14.jpg
  17. finaly got out for an hour.

  18. maybe put the question to a magazine collum or aquire an email address of someone already in the business and put the question to someone in the know, just a thought steve.
  19. the long haired general (aka the wife ) has told me theres no chance I can fly back to the uk for it. she didn't say anything about driving back though
  20. hello Eric. sounds like some nice kit you have there.
  21. I would love to go but I don't think my seargent major will be very happy if I ask him if I can go back to the midlands for an astroshow. But if you don't ask you don't get.
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