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  1. Viewed Saturn and Jupiter for the first time tonight aswell - they look amazing and crisp . I spent most time trying to capture something using my laptop & webcam - Although using my Dob for non moon viewing for the first time ,i found keeping the zippy planets in my sights while focusing an image on the computer screen quite a handful lol Saturn has a thick black border i guess this is a brightness or white balance issue ? i gave up fiddling with it to so i had a good peek at Jupiter and moons i think i looked like a crazed Doc Brown from back to the future !!
  2. I call my Skyliner 150 p Scope Brucey !! Not after the legend Mr Forsyth but after the Hull City Manager Steve Bruce . yes im a little excited about the final , but the name was christened on wednesday onn my second clearish night what do you call your scope ??
  3. I was using Star Chart & Stellarium quite some time before getting my scope that i got last week - i found them both really helpful in learning my way around the skies . I added Sky Guide today and that looks really good too .
  4. so far ive only been fortunate to observe the moon since i got my scope - i used the 25% though my eyes didnt seem troubled without the filter ( the result is in my profile pic i took on friday evening around 945pm . Capture was fiddly using my iphone over the eyepiece though
  5. welcome to the lounge , im new here also and i spent a long time just reading the helpful threads - great friendly place too !!
  6. cybadaz

    Hi from Bristol

    welcome to the Lounge , Daz
  7. HI , i had a microsoft Lifecam lying around so i got stuck into that - . I used to have the old xbox live vision cam , is that the one suggested ? im sure i could pick one back up for under a fiver
  8. Thanks again for the replies - I decided on the 150p coz I wanted a point n shoot scope to learn the skies better and despite its size I can whip it in the car to get into the countryside , altho not ideal for image capturing I know, I can change the mount - I'm gonna be browsing the lounge for solar viewing tips n tricks next along with thoughts on apps Clear skies
  9. Thanks for the welcome everyone ,
  10. cheers , yeah no doubt ill be asking allsorts I got the Skyliner 150p and i think it will just about fit on the back seat of the car luckily - didnt think it would be soooo big .
  11. Hellooo , Great forum and look forward to learning lots from you all A bit about me ... Im Darren from east yorks , UK . I am quite new to astronomy although i did have a very cheap build your own plastic scope as a kid - it made me think those impressive light cannons were expensive ! But just this week i discovered how affordable getting a Scope really is and bought one with the intentions of combining a few of my hobbies into together . Ive had a go at butchering a webcam already so i can capture some images as i go and ive got a nice big flask for those chilly nights With the British weather what it is , ive not had a chance to see anything more than an early evening moon , but i already love the anticipation of next time cheers Darren
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