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  1. I have some questions for anyone who understands this concept. I have worked it out to some degree but need some help figuring out another angle of it. Thank to anyone who dare take this on. My brain refuses to work anymore! Carl
  2. Wow! Thanks to all for the welcome. Impressing to say the least! And you have no idea how much I appreciate it. To Floater: Yeah I have dark skies too. I live in a county that has a population of about 15,000 people only. But we have about 250,000 head of livestock. Mostly cattle. The nearest town to me is about 15 miles and has a population of 1,099. Other close towns have about 600 or less. No traffic lights closer that about 15 miles from me. I'm living so far out that I always think they have to pump sunshine to me. No sidewalks, no streetlights or traffic lights. No freeways either. The closest large airport is 2 1/2 hours - minimum - away from me. The closest major city to me is about 75 miles away and has about 70,000 people. This is rural life and dark skies. Aberdeen where? To avtaram: Thanks for at least telling me there is hope for me from the members who can share their knowledge. To Tony Gazer: Thanks to you also. Glad to see we both are trying. To Uplooker: Sorry about the dark skies thing. But, when you walk outside on a moonless night and trip all over the place because you can't see your hand in front of your face, what else can I say about dark skies? Equipment? A lot! I just got a Celestron 8SE at Christmas. I also have a Meade Deep Space 16" Newtonian I bought new way back in the 1980's sometime. Also there is a 12 1/2 Cassigrain OTA. The EP's I have go way back to the 1970's when I ground my own 6" mirror. So, along with a lot of old EP's, a Celestron 6.3 FR, a Televur Barlow 2x, etc. I have accumulated a lot of junk. I use to use a Minolta 35mm to take pictures and then develop the film and print the one's I wanted. But now digital is in so I just got a Canon T3i and that's what I plan to use on photos. To NorthCanadian: I say hi. How close are you to Hudsons Bay? I have been up there once and that was enough. Summer up there was my winter down here! You know what I mean? I am glad I have come to the right place to get answers to all my questions. Way back in the day, way before computers and digital this and that, using a telescope was so much different than it is now and I have lost a lot of years in that transition of the two. And it helps when we're both old guys!!! I appreciate the welcome. I just hope I can contribute in some small way to anyones question. I've been doing this on and off since the late 60's so I've seen a lot of change. But that brings me to a question to all of you. The simple math problem of the "Rule of 600". I have some questions about this and if any of you that knows this formula, let's talk. I have some questions. Again, to all of you, I again appreciate your welcome. Thanks again. To all of you, stay well and safe. Later.
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot. Anyone out there that wants to lend some help on astrophotography - that would be appreciated by this old guy.
  4. Hi all, I'm making my way back into the hobby after 20+ years. Have a billion questions from time to time. I live in a totally dark area too. That's what made me come back, I think. I live in a very rural area. No streetlights, etc.
  5. If there is someone out there that knows all the inner workings of the "Rule of 600", I would appreciate talking with. Thanks all.
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