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  1. elrico

    F6.3 FR

    Is the back focus of the infinity 13mm deducted from the suggested spacing, ie: remove Visual back, screw on 6.3 FR, T adaptor spacer, infinity. eg 105mm from FR to infinity Chip or deduct 13mm from the 105mm ?? Just asking haha Many thanks
  2. elrico

    F6.3 FR

    Does anyone know the correct spacing to get 6.3 using the Celestron 6.3 FR , 9.25 Celestron evo and the Atik Infinity Colour thanks
  3. Seen tonight with my binoculars 12:10pm, too cloudy earlier on to set up DOB, mission accomplished though !,,
  4. Well lovely clear skies over West Yorkshire, unfortunately have to go out in ten mins so just got my 10x50 & 25x70 Bins out to have a scan for Lovejoy, I checked its position for the present time 20:10 16th Jan , and thought 'oh this is going to be easy' below Pleiades to the right slightly, straight across from Alderbaran , well after 30mins I could not find it, fuzzy blob or anything like !! please tell me it is still visible and was I looking in the right place, how long is it staying and will I be able to get a better view in my 8" DOB next clear sky night we have in January. Elrico ( Eric))
  5. elrico

    Hi all

    must point out, not the small actual horse head lol, but the nebula !!
  6. elrico

    Hi all

    Hi, clear, crisp skies over West Yorkshire last night, great view of Jupiter and moons, also, my first glimpse of Orion Nebula, 'horse head' clearly visible in my 8" DOB, as a grey well defined 'cloud' appearance, fantastic to see !!, I was only out with my scope for around an hour actual view time but what a pleasant change to see so much in the Yorkshire Heavens !!, looking good so far for tonight, I will be out earlier and having a good look around, not sure what to go (search) for at the moment, will decide after tea lol.
  7. Hi, I have 8" Dob, maybe I can help, what exactly are you wanting to know plz.
  8. Very matter of fact & interesting, I read a similar good article "on what can I expect to see" , at the end of the article the author left the following note ' Always expect to see the unexcepted when roaming the night sky, you never know!!
  9. Again thanks to all for the good info, 22/9/14 good sky at 1030pm located M31 at last, actually located Mirach easily then just found M31 from there with my 8x30 binoculars and later with my telescope. I drifted around a little and returned to find it easily again, no doubt the good dark sky was the answer yes. Just to prove a point for myself I also located the Galaxy using Cassiopeia as a guide, again thanks to all.
  10. Thanks I will look into that as a possibillity for me
  11. Excellent thank you, I am on ipad at moment but will print this out when on my computer for future reference, it has answered a few questions I have been thinking of regarding my Dobsonian, I will file but with definite intention of having a go at taking pics with my DOB in the future this will be a great help, again, many thanks. DOB 8"
  12. I have found that now I have retired the only anxiety I get is CLOUD !!! What has helped is when I can get out on a reasonable clear night, I set up and for at least 40 minutes I use the time to naked eye the circumpolar constellations and get to grips with distance between them by just looking and roughly working out how to jump from one to the other, I haven't quite mastered it as yet though but I will hopefully before too long, ŵhich in turn I have been informed will be very beneficial when I eventually get more involved with things like RA & DEC and 'Star Hopping'. I have been lucky with four of the planets so far , Saturn in particular was fantastic seeing the rings quite clearly for the first time. I have also been blown away by the number of stars there are in just a small area of the Milky Way, I haven't a clue at this stage where the heck I was looking but it was awe inspiring to say the least. I have: DOB 8" with right angle corrective 9x50 viewfinder, Skywatcher 25x70 bino and Zenith 10x50 bino, Astro Moon filter, Super 25 mm wide angle long eye relief, super 10mm,Plossl 6.3 mm, Barlow 2x The 25mm wide angle is used most frequently, but so far I am happy with them all to be honest, I found the Red Dot finder very difficult to set up and use to be honest, also the supplied 9x50 straight viewfinder caused me to nearly dislocate my neck after a short while lol
  13. Lol the barn owl has been extinct in Ossett since 1950, apparently they didn't realise sitting on electricity pylons was not very good for their health, however the local pop did enjoy some good Sunday Lunches at the time!!!!!!!!!.
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