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  1. The DOB has the superior aperture so for visual that would win out for me. You could of course also get a small frac like an ed 80 , they are fairly ubiquitous in the UK secondary market and go for a couple of hundred pounds. That could work for ap on your eq5 and use the DOB for visual maybe.
  2. If you have a local astronomy club nearby I'm sure they would be happy to let you look through their various setups. My first scope was a skywatcher 130p and I swapped it out for a 4 inch Tal 100 achro. I haven't regretted it as I'm quite taken with the frac but in all honesty their is little difference double stars aside. Your larger newt would easily win out.
  3. Went up last night with the better half and had an enjoyable evening. The cable car ride is about 10 minutes or so and cost about €35 return for us both (we payed at the ticket booth). Once at the top you turn right and walk down to the viewing platform and the telescopes are set up to the left takes about 30 seconds to get there from the cable car. There are two groups , a larger Spanish speaking one and an English speaking one further along. Darren took the English language group which he alternates with another amateur astronomer every night over the two months. Ou
  4. All of it really but especially the silence in the middle of the night when you're at the eyepiece and you find something new there is a nice sense of achievement and always a wee wow moment. Obviously a view through a frac tho that's a no brainer of course ?
  5. On a light-hearted note any stories. In my earlier days ( 3 years ago at a push ) I'd often return home from the pub and the clear skies were too much of a temptation. I found I got a stonker of a headache after a very short while with substantial balance issues , and I don't mean the scope. Knocked it on the head when I went head first into the lawn with the scope following suit , we came down like a helicopter in trouble. Luckily enough it was a wee SW 130p on an eq2 so she was quite robust and no harm was done ( well after I cleared the grass and muck from the end of the
  6. Not many to be honest showed my missus Jupiter and Saturn a few years back along with the moon during an ad break in one of her god awful soaps and she was quite impressed. Tried her on a few interesting doubles but she wasn't having it. Definitely no chance she'll go out on colder nights , more chance of winning the lottery. Had a few discussions over the years with my friend Gary mainly on articles in Astronomy Now like the Drake Equation. Also know a guy who worked Lewisham market who saw a night launch of the space shuttle while on holiday in Florida. He takes great pl
  7. Anyone in the Malaga / Toremelinos / Benalmadena / Fuengirola area during July and August there is observing nights from 10pm till midnight every night at the top of the cable car ride from arroyo/Benalmadena. I'm going up tomorrow night so will report back. Here's a link for anyone interested https://www.telefericobenalmadena.com/activities/open-air-planetarium/?lang=en
  8. I've been buying AN since the late 90s on a regular basis and have always enjoyed reading it. If I've already read that months edition I will sometimes buy Astronomy the US publication which is alright. Any port in a storm etc. Never took to SAN tho.
  9. I use both as well and wouldn't be without them. I use the cdsa outside (I have both copies but prefer the older one ) and then enjoy checking what I see against the Sissy Hass book. Tonight for example I saw E1695 in Urasa Major for the first time ( like a little globular planet with a small moon in the tal (( you gotta love fracs )) ) Reading the lovely description in the Hass book afterwards raised a smile.
  10. Each to their own , that's why it's a good idea to visit a local astronomy club to see what suits you best. I for one will be keeping my Tal I'm happy to say. Aperture rules my Bottom ?
  11. Just had a wander round and nice to see some of the scopes in the flesh. Nearly made it out unscathed but bought a televue 8mm plossl on a whim ,ho hum ?
  12. I have no experience of the scope or bird Jones designs though I know of the numerous issues , but I agree entirely with the mount issues. A simple as mount is a must as far as I'm concerned in regards a beginner scope , and I speak as someone who began their telescope journey with a 130p explorer on an eq2. It was a lovely scope but with my garden the way it is I was moving it constantly and basically using the eq2 as an az mount releasing clutches and realigning all the time never mind rotating the tube more often than not. I strongly believe that for beginners a good quality
  13. That's the one crystal clear on both I love em.
  14. I have the 12.5 and 7 and also a range of bcos. If you don't mind the shorter eye relief they are excellent value for the money. They are nice and light so don't add no weight when barlowed , i have the baader version. I would say that along with my maxvision ep the 12.5 I couldn't do without.
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