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  1. Hi all, An update on AF2. In February we had weather for quite extensive testing. Here is an indoor demo of the features and field test demonstration from one of the sessions: Let me know if you have any questions Pavle
  2. Hi all, Finished HaRGB Orion image - wanted to shoot this for years! Best regards, Pavle
  3. Hi all, Just an update - WFFS field test on Orion at 50mm in H-alpha, lens was focused with AF1. This was shot during full moon, 90x3min. Result: Setup: Best regards, Pavle
  4. OK, I will prepare a demo Currently I am a bit busy with WFFS testing Best regards, Pavle
  5. Hi all, It has been quite busy couple of months - from overhauling our primary autofocusing unit (which is now called AF1), to preparing a whole new product line. Preorders are now opened for AF2 and wide field focus system, for more, check out our website: https://deepskydad.com/ny-offer Merry Christmas! Pavle FOLLOW US If you would like to be up to speed with our recent news we invite you to follow us on social media: Facebook page (for general updates): Facebook community group (for discussion, idea sharing and support) Youtube channel Instagram
  6. Firstly to the OP - sorry for hijacking this thread. This is my last post in the thread, stash_old we can continue via private messages or new topic if you have any more comments/questions. Back to the copyright infringement. I have added credit to Robert on the top of the firmware code at the moment and I have also contacted the Robert about this directly, asking his permission (waiting for response). It just seemed to me that the actual firmware is simple enough and customized to my hardware so I felt no need for reference. Lesson learned. But as you especially pointed out serial protocol: 1. starting commands with ":" and ending them with "#" is standard procedure, its not Roberts invention (i've used that before for telescope controller firmware, it originates with Meade I think https://www.meade.com/support/LX200CommandSet.pdf) 2. commands with 2 letters are standard procedure... 3. The actual set of commands is required by the ASCOM interface protocol and not something Robert came up with, see ASCOM docs for reference: https://ascom-standards.org/Help/Platform/html/T_ASCOM_DeviceInterface_IFocuserV3.htm 4. In regard to specific serial protocol commands you are mentioning - if you'll check further you'll see that in prinicple this is a Moonlite compatible protocol that is implemented by most DIY focusers - so as such can't be a matter of Robert's copyright. For example you can check, the other "Open source" link in this thread (PnP focus). It uses same commands. I hope this clarifies the matter at hand. Best regards, Pavle
  7. Hi All, DSD here. It is true that I based my first protoype on some parts of Robert's code and it was initially only for my personal usage and for a few of colleaguse free of charge + it is open sourced under MIT license on Github (that is what you checked out, DRV8825 version). I learned a lot from it. Because of potential heating issues with constant current in DRV8825 I tried to roll on my own. Equiped with understanding of Arduino framework and stepper motor basics to offer people budget version of autofocuser, I switched to stepper driver with digital current contorl. So the autofocuser I am selling is actually based on MP6500 Pololu stepper driver, which is not even a part of HW in Roberts project. But It is true that code is somewhat similar, because I did not write it from scratch. So I don't deny it does look like plagiarism if you quickly browser through the code, but the finished version is actually a result of hours and hours of tweaking firmware, writing ASCOM driver (writtten from scratch), testing with SGPro under sky, designing many variations of 3d printed housings and adapters... all in good faith to try and offer people a budget, stable product for their hobby. It is not a "copy paste for money" but an honest attempt to contribute to astronomy community. The profit from this is not big, it is not something I live from. But it does cover my expenses (material, shipping, time and website hosting) + enables me to buy piece of gear every now and then. But your post is kind of a wake up call - this is a potentially problematic legal issue and I am already developing the Autofocuser 2 which will be written from scratch and based on ESP32 + MP6500 .... so I might stop the production of Nano based version because of this risk.... The ironic thing is, if I did not share my experience and code on GitHub, nobody would even care that I learned from the Roberts project... but I guess that is beside the point Best regards, Pavle
  8. Hi all, We are also introducing Autofocuser 1 update - I have printed circuit and much more compact housing. Printed circuit test:
  9. Yes, this will be new product - Autofocuser2. It will have; -wifi phone HC -EXTRA: physical HC via jack plug -EXTRA: temperature probe via jack plug I will send you some pics when it is put together
  10. Hi all, A little update, there will also be a physical hand controller available as an extra: Best regards, Pavle
  11. Probably in a month or 2, a lot depends on weather for field testing.
  12. Yes, it will work on any device, because it is browser based. You can use it on mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc. You will just have to connect to the wifi SSID "DSD - Autofocuser" and browse to the http://autofocuser.local That is it
  13. HI all, In case you are interested - first HC test: Best regards, Pavle
  14. I hope I understood your question correctly - if you mean BEMF, it is handled with the stepper driver. Heat-wise it is also not an issue, because I lower the current while the motor is only holding the position. Generally, it is quite common use case, for example telescope mounts also power the motors even when not moving.
  15. Hi all, There is quite some interest in the focuser with hand controller. I was thinking about it and making cable hand controller is more expensive hardware wise and would increase the price. So i had a different idea - what if the hand controller would be via phone? Focuser would act as access point, you connect the phone to it and open the hand controller in browser on specific IP. Thoughts? Best regards, Pavle
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