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  1. Does a WO diagonals optical quality match its looks? Too much feedback on the web indicates that WO produces have significant variability in image quality - but they do look good. I had a very top of the range Dielectric diagonal, used with a totally colour free apo (TMB115) but then I tried the Baader Zeiss prism diagonal which was definitely better, like a veil had been lifted from the view, I think this is down to less light scatter. This prism induces no colour at all in scopes that are slower than F7, with faster scopes it possibly will.
  2. Hi. I am considering getting a 7 inch Intes Mak Newt. If so I would want to use my AP Barcon barlow to create about 2.5x mag to do planetary viewing with my Baader MkV binoviewer. Does anyone know if this will come to focus in a sensible place (ie not requiring long extension tubes)?
  3. A TMB115 (14lbs) was definately too heavy for a Porta.
  4. I am thinking of mounting a Intes Micro MN76 Mak Newtonian in a Orion UK dob mount. Has anyone any experience of this mount? How smooth are the movements etc. I currently use a TMB 115 apo in a AYO alt az mount and can quite happily use maginifications of up to 275x. Is this possible with a Orion dob mount? Thanks
  5. Hi I had standard Denks and switched to the Baader MkV. No regrets at all.
  6. Anyone tried using a 32mm 50 degree or similar eyepiece with an Orion OMC200? Do you get any vignetting or darkening at the edges of the field of view. Guess I am asking what is the lowest practical power of this scope without vignetting? Thanks
  7. Hi The Astro Physics Barcon Barlow is not cheap but is trully superb, it is also modular allowing a range of magnification factors. For me it was a big step up on the Televue. Tim
  8. Hi had the 5mm. I bought it to upgrade on a Radian, I liked its more conservative designs and its build quality. I was really surprised and disappointed, it had poor contrast and was easily beaten by the Radian and blown away by an ortho. After all I have heard about Takahashi, it has really made me question if its all hype. Long sold and still surprised. Tim
  9. Depends on what mount you have. I recently saw the 180 for just £500 for the OTA. This is a bit of a bargain. Great for planets and down to about 80x mag, but no good for widefield.
  10. Hi HTH Thanks for the encouragement to get the TEC. I notice that you have a Tak 102 and 128. I already have a TMB 115 and am proposing a jump to a Tec 140, the same increase in aperture as between your scopes. Do you mind letting me know how much more detail you get in your 128 compared to your 102? Is it much of an improvement, particularly on planets? Thanks Tim
  11. Thanks for your feedback, greatly appreciated. I am hoping to try out an OMC 200 soon, I think I will pass on the Mewlon as I don't like the idea of diffraction spikes on the planets, particularly on Jupiter. I know I would love the TEC but spending over £4,000 on a scope makes me go gulp . If the exchange rate goes back to 2 to 1 then maybe. If I do get the OMC200 I am going to have to think about cool down issues. I have a wood shed I could build a box into to put the scope into on nights of potential observing to help with cool down issues. By the way did running the fans on the scope draw
  12. Hi Only if the barlow needs a longer than usual distance to gain a reasonable magnification. The only one I am aware of that does this is the Astro Physics Barcan. Most barlows are now made to be as short as possible (shorty's). This is because they were designed by marketing departments rather than opticians. It is much more difficult to do this, just like making an f5 refractor is much harder then an f7. I use my Barcon in front of the diagonal with my Baader MKV binoviewer and it gives me 3.2x with the binoviewer or 2.4x without. Tim
  13. Hi Good seeing (for the low altitude) allowed me great views of Europa & Ganymede occulting last night. I had forgotten this was going to happen, set up my scope and was delighted to see that they were very close. But had I missed it? Fortunately as I watched between 9:40 and 10:30 the two moons became one and then separated again. Its great to see things in real time. Does anyone know how many more years we have to wait for Jupiter to be at a good viewing latitude again (from the northern hemisphere)? Clear sky's
  14. Hi What would be the best scope for visual planetary viewing from the following three: 1. Tec 140 Apo 2. Orion OMC 200 3. Tak Mewlon 210 Personal experiences would be gratefully received. Thanks
  15. Hi Guys I use a Baader MkV with my TMB115. I use a Astro Physics Barcon barlow to get the required mag. This barlow could have been designed for use with binoviewers as it needs more distance after the lens to reach high powers than other barlows. I use it in front of the diagonal giving me 3.2x, giving 184x with my 14mm, 206x with my 12.5mm's and 234x with my 11mm's. Had a standard Denk before the Badder, which was a real step up in performance, like a slight but noticeable veil taken away. My main viewing are the planets and the moon. By the way Meade 5000 super plossl's work brilliantly w
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