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  1. Thanks for the kind words guys. In answer to your question James I didn't use a barlow because the image was too dim at f20 to get a decent exposure on the histogram. The transparency wasn't great with all the fog around. I resized the image slightly because the quality was decent enough.
  2. Well done Smooth! Excellent first attempt!
  3. Hi everyone, thought I'd share a couple of Jupiters I captured last night under decent seeing conditions. All captured with the help of my trusty C8 and DMK combo. Hope you guys like. http://www.flickr.com/photos/30738363@N05/5078244148/sizes/l/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/30738363@N05/5077463321/sizes/l/in/photostream/
  4. Thanks for the kind words guys. It's much appreciated.
  5. Hi all, The first decent opportunity I've had the image the Moon at a decent altitude in a while. This is a mosaic consisting of 8 images stitched together in photoshop cs3. The scope used was a Megrez 102ED refractor. Camera used was a DMK 21AU04 with an astronomik red filter attached. The best 500/1000 frames in each individual section were stacked in Registax 5. Hope you all like. http://www.flickr.com/photos/30738363@N05/5033814648/sizes/l/
  6. Thanks for the kind words guys. Can't wait to get another opportunity to image again.
  7. Hi guys. Here are my first attempts at imaging Jupiter in RGB. Equipment used was a C8 SCT with a DMK21AU04.AS camera with Astronmik RGB filter set attached. The best 1500 frames were stacked in registax 5 and combined in photoshop cs3. Hope you like. jupiter rgb f10 resize 1.bmp jupiter rgb f20 2.bmp
  8. Great pair of images Helen. Well done! I found focusing a nightmare before I invested in a Crayford for my C8 with a focusing motor attached. It really makes things so much easier when it's not jumping around all over the place!
  9. Wonderful set of images Brian. Well done!
  10. Thanks again Karlo, Brinders and Helen. The DMK cameras are an excellent addition to any setup. When I was deciding which one to get I was torn between the convenience of the colour version and the increased sensitivity of the the b&w version. I'm delighted I chose the latter. Using the filters is really not as intimidating as it first seems. Well worth a try Helen.
  11. Thanks for the comments Alan and Russ. I guess it was one of those rare nights where everything fell into place! :-)
  12. Well done Alan, You've captured quite alot of detail in there!
  13. Hi everyone, This image of Mars was taken earlier this evening around 11pm. Taken at f30 through my trusty C8 sct and DMK21AU04/Astronomik RGB filter set. The best 1000/4500 frames were processed in Registax and combined in Photoshop CS3. Seeing conditions were above average and I was delighted to finally catch a 'classic view' image of Mars. This particular image is my best of the season. I hope you all like.
  14. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. Here's a copy of the same image only I've added the red channel as a luminance layer (RRGB)
  15. Hi everyone. Just had a session with the C8 and DMK combo imaging Mars. Seeing was above average with alot of surface detail visible through my 8mm eyepiece. Taken at f20 using a televue x2 barlow paired to my beloved DMK21AU04 camera and Astrnomik RGB filter set. the images were then enlarged by 10-20% in Photoshop. I'm very happy with these two. My best Mars images to date.
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