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  1. Hi All

    Was here a few years ago, but what with retiring and moving up from London to High Kelling then restoring house didn't have much time......but now I do!! First need a nice friendly club in local area(if possible)!! Will most probably start a little after the xmas period. Any recommendations!! Thanks. and a Merry Xmas to one and all!!

    1. PEMS


      Try http://www.astronomyclubs.co.uk/Clubs/Counties.aspx

      For Norfolk clubs, the site says 4.

      Maybe PM Baggywrinkle or some name like that as I think he is somewhere around where I guess you are. He is, I think I have read, a member at one or two clubs so may have first hand experience.

      Although clubs need a visit to determine what you think of them.

  2. Dave in Vermont. I suppose its not that interesting to most people but for me being the first I have recognised is a +1. Will do as you suggest.......might take me a while!! Terry
  3. Hi All I have just had to restart my computer!! Put my coat on a went out to the back garden. Brilliant sky tonight, has been for about an hour.....anyway.....I saw Ursa Minor and Polaris with my 8x42 bins!! Then I thought no, it cant be, went in a got planisphere out, looked up, checked the planisphere, went out, I came in and googled it as well, went out.........bl**dy hell! It was Ursa Minor....whoopee!! Then I checked it again and it was.......brilliant!! My first. Going to bed now, off down to London tomorrow morning. Nite Nite Terry
  4. Steve...Had no idea, yeah! about a mile away although not much in the way of the ''commercial gear ie Skywatcher, Celestron etc but worth a look round the shop. Louis D....lots of ideas. Confidence well and truly back now!! Thanks Terry
  5. Jemc....your a star. Thanks mate, confidence is back up and running!! Starlight 1....Thanks for the offer mate. ''Fed Up''!! You must be joking. I used to drive a London cab and I hated the place. Just retired and have not thought of the place once since I got up here. Scott....Thanks mate. Appreciate your thoughts. Thanks for all your help/advice Terry
  6. Thanks again folks for all your info. Not worried so much now!! Dave in Vermont.....Nice chair! Will have a look around for something like that. Download worked fine. Thanks mate. Scott....Seen them! Are they heavy?? I understand about bigger appatures, more light. Joe12345......Thanks mate. Patrick....I like the look of the Mak's. I am only going by youtube and pictures in mags I didn't realise that the astro tripods had adjustments up and down, they look a lot more sturdy than the tripod I have for my birding scope!! Thanks for the info mate. Starlight 1....I have only been up here 1 year, doing my new place up but have made a good friend who lives on the edge Weybourne, he has a field and said I can go up there any time I wanted......they have a loo and kitchen there as well!! It is sooooo dark up there!!........Where is turnipshire?? Never heard of that place...but I am new!! Thanks again for your help/advice Terry
  7. Darrenh.......Funny!! Miracle Grow, gets in between your toes! SMALL step ladder I can do without! High bar stool, I keep falling off!! (where are the ''funny faces, I can't find them), must be your French sense of humour!! Tks mate. Joe1234....For all I know you might be one of those 6ft teenagers?? ''with a stool''. For seating or standing?? Waldermar....That is def possibility. Louis D....Exactly. I have a Manfrotto for a birding scope but one of the ''in'' words seems to be stability. Don't think a Birding tripod would be that stable?? My birding scope has a centre column that goes up and down, quite handy for me!! Trouble with those BIG Newts/Dobs is portability. I only have a ''small'' car, think I would need a trailer to get it anywhere!! Think It will have to be a Mak........anyone got a skymax 102 / 127 mak?? Any good?? Thanks for all your ideas (even if one or two were off track!!) Terry
  8. Hi All Been looking for an idea for a scope for myself. Been looking at various models Skywatcher 130p/150p. Skywatcher 102 mak/127 mak. It might sound strange but I forgot I am only a little bloke!! 4ft 10ins, and some of those that I have been looking at seem a bit tall for me, (with ep stuck up at the front, also the maks on tripods might be to tall for me to get up to 90 degrees lens) even putting a dobs or Newt on a table its going to be a bit tall, I cant stand on a chair for maybe hours on end!! I know that while on the maks the front end goes up and the other end goes down!! There is no near store that I can go to so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas!!........sensible one's I mean!! Appreciate your time/advice Terry
  9. Hi I know nothing, but that is one brilliant picture. Well done mate.
  10. I only asked after reading last week about sending a ''chip'' with lasers being fired at it, into outer space, some 25 trillion miles away. I am no good at maths but that is a long long way!!
  11. Aaaahhhh That makes it seem much better. Ronin, I understand everything now!! Whats next!!
  12. Hi scott. Just been looking at your pics on flickr. Fantastic pics!! What part of the solar system did you find that Yamaha, lovely old bike!!
  13. Hi all A little Saturday morning question: Can you ever comprehend what's ''out there''. You know the planets, the Stars, the distances!! I am only just getting back to learning and I think I have scrambled my brain (what I have) already.
  14. terryc

    Here Again

    Thanks for the welcomes, fellas. Happy-kat....Thanks for info on 130... I would like a bit of a challenge but my wife wants to have a go as well and she hasn't got the 'time' to hunt around, she wants to see 'whatever' there and then, hence having the goto. Just saw the 90 virtuoso on YouTube and got good feedback. Then another YouTube suggested 102 being a really good scope for beginners!! Will keep studying the ins and outs of equipment before I decide. Very Very cloudy over head this evening.....rain and rain all day. Thanks for your time Happy. Terry
  15. terryc

    Here Again

    Hi All, I'll start again...... Joined a couple of years ago, got my books/apps/binoculars/charts, just getting ''into it''.......then my wife says ''she fancies moving''.........Took retirement/bought a place up in North Norfolk, then we had to renovate it just about finished all but a bit of painting. Its now time to start again.....have been reading up on the 'lounge' etc. Now its time to buy something, quick, before she wants to move again (without me!!). Just to get my juices going for now, fancy something like SW Heritage 90 virtuoso, then I start looking at scopes like SW 102/127 Skymax with a go/to, my wife wants to have a go as well. I use a scope for birding, so the Mak's are my way to go?? Then I start looking at the SW Explorer's 130p etc..... I will be only doing visual stuff, Planets, Maybe a little more, no photography.....yet! Not too sure if the market has changed much in two years? I realise I will have to get a couple, at least, Lens as well. Would love a bit of advice Appreciate your help/time/advice Terry
  16. Those pics are very depressing. Were in the same part of the world though (Sth Herts)......so its not me!!
  17. Hi All Well! Have been studying my books and using the phone apps, have seen Jupiter a couple of times through my bins (only 8x42 from birding) and that is that!! What with the bad wx, have seen nothing else!! tell me it will be alright soon!!!
  18. I used to Fly model airplanes with LiPo batties. They are very good BUT have to be well looked after. They need to be charged with a balance charger. Which, if you go for a good one could cost you more than the battery. There used to be lipo batteries 'exploding' on You Tube.
  19. Hi Ronin Thanks for your time Was maybe thinking that I would spend as much as I can on a scope then buy the EP's the following month...go like that!! Been in contact with the nearest club to me. They meet up only a couple of miles from me. There are a couple more I am looking at, so will pop along to have a look. Re IAS, do people tend to meet up at these shows?? The timing could be good for me!! Terry
  20. Hi All Many thanks. Still reading up!!! Just ordered 'Turn Left at Orion', been recommended quite a few times!! Terry
  21. Hi All Thank you all for the welcomes, your making me blush!!! When I start getting my questons ready, you will sick of me!! Terry
  22. Well! how do I start!! Thank you all for all your welcomes and help/advice, all invaluable knowledge. Ron. I realise that in Astronomy, size does matter!! Robin. I do realise about what to expect re the colour etc. In fact, I used to do a bit of press photography and I used to love messing with black/Greys and whites. Up until a couple of years ago I used to do 'birding' with a scope 80ED glass and also have a decent pair of bins (8x42), not quite your x50, nearly enough for a start. Gordon. I lilke your nuggets!! Again, many thanks Terry
  23. Hi Robin Been looking in the FLO site. Thanks for the tips. The only thing is that if I am just starting out, How do I know what a would like to look at? or is that a trick question!! In the book I am reading at the moment there are great pictures of nebulae. Planets like Saturn and the moom look great but at the moment the nebulae pics look really interesting!! (think I am getting a bit in front of myself here, not knowing anything)!! Terry
  24. Hi All Name is Terry and I live in North London. I have left it late to take up the Astronomy hobby up!! You know how it goes......had money, got married, no money, kids, no time or money, mortgage, no money etc etc!! I have been googling like mad looking at equipment. Been to the library got a book (A little lesson on Astronomy). Been 'You Tubing', the wife is getting fed up with me being on the computer, God knows what will happen when I retire!! Will be popping in now and again with questions etc, mainly on start-up equipment to begin with. Q 1. Would £400 be ok for a starter system?? Looking on the lines of the Skywatcher skymax 127? (or something like that, just a starter that I like the look of) Appreciate your help/advice Terry
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