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  1. Hi anyone in Estepona, Spain. I'm not a Brit, but live in Estepona, Anyone else here?
  2. I'm trying to find out when Jupiter will be visible in Southern Spain June - July. Does anyone know? And is it difficult to see/find? Pete
  3. Hope y'all forgive a beginner's childlike enthusiasm, but tonight (for the first time) I saw Saturn through the telescope. Wow Pete
  4. New to observing (feeling my way). I have a Celestron Omni T150 telescope with a TS Expanse 5mm. 70º afv eyepiece. I am in Southern Spain overlooking the sea. Can I hope to get a good view of Saturn and Jupiter and Mars and constellations, or is this too optimistic? So far I have incredible views of the Moon, but not so good with stars. Or is it only a focus thing? Pete
  5. I just wanted to tell you nice people that five minutes ago, although it is still light, I focussed on the moon and got the first WOW. Thanl you for your advice. Now all I have to learn is ..... everything.
  6. Greatly appreciate all the "welcome" notices. Location is Estepona, on the Costa del Sol.
  7. to Astropedro (and anyone else, really) We're in Estepona. Very new to the hobby of astronomy. We bought a telescope last year to start using when we retire (at the end of this month - May 2014). We've only just started using the 'scope and clearly have a LOT to learn! It would be good to be in contact with someone in the area, particularly if we could "pick your brains"!! I'm not a Brit, though. Norwegian. Would that be all right? Pete
  8. I tried the extension tube (I wondered what that was for!) and managed to get daylight images. I'll wait until dark and try again. Thank you so much for your help, and not least for your patience Pete
  9. I'm not sure I understood your question about a sharp image within the limits of the range of the focuser. I can get a sharp image when using the eyepiece that came with the telescope. I get nothing except the looking-at-bugs-through-a-microscope kind of image when using the Omegon Redline SW 5mm Okular 2" eyepiece. It makes no difference how much I change the focus, the result (or non-result) remains the same. I apologize if I am not explaining this very well. Pete
  10. Okay, and this really highlights my ignorance. I don't know what "focus travel" means. I can see stars and the moon through the eyepiece that came with the telescope. When I switch over to the Omegon Redline SW 5mm Okular 2" eyepiece, I see nothing but swirling things that look like bugs seen through a microscope. I adjust the focus, but nothing changes. I go back to the original eyepiece and I see the stars again. What I wanted was a better eyepiece that would give me a better view of the planets and the Omegon Redline was the one recommended. Is this enough information? Pete
  11. A week or so I ago some members gave me some very good advice on focusing my celestron Omni T150 telescope (when I could see nothing through it). I have another problem. I can view stars and the moon, etc, with the eyepiece that came with the telescope. But I wanted a better eyepiece to get better views of the planets. I was recommended the Omegon Redline SW 5mm Okular 2", which I bought. Now I can't see anything with it, but can with the original eyepiece. Clearly it is still a focus problem (on my part -- I am a total novice at this), but I wonder if anyone has advice on this particular eyepiece (or did I buy something that is no good!!?) I would apprecaite gentle replies ..... I really am very very new to this hobby Pete
  12. Greatly appreciate the replies (Yes, I did take the lens cover off!) I'll try fiddling with the focus and testing in daylight. Again, thank you all for the help and suggestions Pete
  13. Hi. Not sure if this is the right post. I am very new to astronomy. I have bought a Celestron Omni T150 telescope, and a Omegon Redline SW 5mm Okular 2" as extra. Last night we tried it for the first time, and couldn't see anything! Black sky, no stars (and the sky was cloudless) I'm clearly doing something wrong, but have no idea what. Anyone got any suggestions? Pete
  14. Thank you. I appreciate the welcome. Any idea where I go on the site to get help? I've got a Celestron Omni 150 telescope, but can't see anything through it! Pete
  15. I am a new member, started today 30 April. I am totally new to astronomy. initially, I am hoping for help/advice on how to use my telescope.
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