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  1. orley

    Hey :)

    Thanks everyone
  2. Forgot to add that with the Celestron eyepiece kit, it's possible you'd rarely use some of the eyepieces. You get a 32mm, 17mm, 13mm, 8mm and 6mm eyepieces and a 2x barlow. Consider: 32mm/2 = 16mm, virtually the same as 17mm. 17mm/2 = 8.5mm, virtually the same as 8mm. The eye relief on the 6mm is poor (I tried, it wasn't for me). So, filters aside, you'd end up spending a lot for what amounts to a duplication in results. Better off picking a couple of individual eyepieces and a barlow, where the eye relief is better than with those short focal length eye pieces. Filter-wise I can't comment, and so will leave those pearls to those who are wiser. Just my 2 pence worth. Clear skies.
  3. orley

    Hey :)

    Indeed it is! Thanks to all of you for the welcome
  4. orley

    Hey :)

    Thanks everyone. I feel welcome already
  5. orley

    Hey :)

    Hey Been following this site for a while now and today decided to take the plunge and join the fun. It seems like a welcoming, friendly and helpful community. I'm a frac guy, loving my 100ED on its trusty CG-5GT, and have dabbled in imaging. I just love to learn and explore. Looking forward to the fun! Orley.
  6. The XLT 127 has a focal length of 1,250mm, giving an out of the box magnification of 50x, not bad for a low power view of the moon and planets, plus a nice view of nebulae such as M42 or galaxies such as M31. With the XLT 102, the focal length is 1,000mm, giving 40x with the supplied 25mm eyepiece. The stock eyepieces supplied tend to be of a pretty low quality, but a simple, no frills way of easily expanding your magnification range is to invest in a couple of plossls, from Orion, Celestron etc. They are cheap, but a good step up from the eyepiece you'll get with the Omni's. A 20mm eyepiece will give you 62.5x with the XLT 127, and 50x with the XLT 102, good lowish power magnifications. Add to that a 12.5mm plossol and you'll get 100x and 80x respectively. Complete your set with cheapish 2x barlow and you'll get 4 sets of magnifications: with the XLT 127, 62.5, 100x, 125x and 200x; with the XLT 102, 50x, 80x, 100x and 160x. The barlow has the added advantage of not losing the reasonable eye relief with these eyepieces. Don't know about prices in Paraguy but plossls go for about £20 in the UK - cheap! - and a 2x barlow can be had for not much more. Second hand, no doubt even less. Others will have different views (pardon the pun), but this is a cheap and simple way to expand and experiment. Afterwards once you know what sizes you are happy with you can upgrade to better quality pieces. Orley.
  7. Night Watch by Terrence Dickinson is well worth a look... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nightwatch-Practical-Guide-Viewing-Universe/dp/0713679395/ref=sr_1_6?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1398784442&sr=1-6&keywords=night+watch
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