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  1. I have a model b. Not used a noir but have heard it might better.
  2. Get one with a big screen. You'll be surprised at how many windows you can end up having open at the same time. But don't spend a lot. In the dark is easy to trip over things. You don't need much processing power to guide a mount. Get a cheap external hdd and stack your images on a more powerful machine at your leisure.
  3. The picam can expose up to about 30 seconds before the Pi's GPU gives up. Surpisingly high resolution too, for its size. As gkec says, the article gives the impression it's been written by someone with little knowledge of telescopes or 3D printing, leaving me wondering what exactly has been printed here...clearly not the mount, the mirror, dovetail...the tube perhaps? 3D printing is great fun, as is the Raspberry Pi, and it's nice to see someone trying to do something useful with the technology and combine it with astronomy, even if, pardon the pun, we're left a bit in the dark here. Be interesting to see what the future holds.
  4. I should add that the same problem occurs with the Porta too (pun not intended!).
  5. A quick thought...I have an AZ4, which is lovely, but if used with a mak or SCT then the finder - which normally sits at top left - sits at bottom left, because the scope is rotated 90 degrees CCW as the dovetail clamp is on the side rather than the bottom. This makes the finder rather difficult to access. If you are super supple it wouldn't be a bother, but I found it to be literally a pain in the neck. Of course if you can re-mount (or replace) the finder then ignore this post. Same applies if your scope sits in tube rings, which my mak did not.
  6. Ah. I'll leave it alone then. Ta all
  7. Hey all Whilst looking for something else I stumbled across a setting on my Canon DSLR that sets all subs to be shot as monochrome RAW. Is there any advantage resolution-wise or otherwise to shooting subs as monochrome when using a DSLR? Given that it is easy enough to convert a colour image to monochrome in image editing software, I wondered if the option was there for any particular reason. Thanks in advance, Orley.
  8. Yep, +1 for BST's. They are rather good value and a good step up. Also, consider that the fact that in that kit you would get several items together for the same price as one BST. That doesn't bode well for the quality of those items. Even against the normal RRP of £80 you have to be suspicious... The flip side is that you get to try out various focal lengths and filters quite cheaply and from there can work out where you want to go next. Cheap way to experiment, but not a long term purchase. Personally I'd go for quality over quantity, but that's just me. Decisions decisions
  9. I had a C6N (virtually the same scope) on a CG-4 (with dual axis motors) for a while. It is possible to do basic imaging with this mount and scope. Getting a good polar alignment is critical, but once achieved I managed 45-60 second subs along with my Canon 400D DSLR. I'll be the first to admit that the results were way, way below the standard achieved by many on this forum (my hat off to you guys), but it was enough to get me interested and entertained for a while. If there's no motor drive with the one you're looking at, then that needs to be factored in to the cost. Ultimately if you take to AP then you'd find you'd want to upgrade before long. Another thing to bear in mind...whilst the CG-4 handles that size scope okay, it's far from ideal - plenty of vibration when focussing. The same size scope on a CG-5 or EQ5 is a much better proposition and a better longer term option, especially if you want to do AP. Then you can add the extra weight of guidescope etc. without overloading the mount. For visual use, the combination of mount and scope isn't bad. I had some lovely views with mine under semi-rural skies. However, compared with your 4" refractor, visually there's a little - but not much - improvement in brightness of image, but less contrast and sharpness. I found my 4" ED refractor superior or - at worst - equivalent to the larger reflector. I'm not sure you'd find much of an improvement. Horses for courses and each to their own. Have you checked out second hand prices on superior kit? That said, at that price you might find you could offload it later at the same price or even at a profit...
  10. The AZ4 has adjustable clutches which allow gliding or holding in a fixed position. Simply loosen or tighten the clutches to suit. The mount comes with a pan handle to aid movement, but I find pushing the scope just as easy. Handles my 100ED frac easily. Having the scope correctly balanced helps.
  11. Thanks all. What you guys are saying makes sense. Ah well, time to offload the mak methinks...
  12. Hey, For a couple of years now I've been thrilled with the views my ED100 has given, crisp, clear and contrasty to a delight. That it could do with more aperture I'll reluctantly admit, which has led me to contemplate bringing in a 10" dob...but that's a tale for another day. For now know that I've had not one moment of regret. Back in April I picked up a second-hand Skymax 127, more out of curiosity of comparative views with the ED. I've used it in anger on several nights now on targets such as the Moon, Saturn, Mars, M13 and M57. To be honest I've been rather...underwhelmed. I like the mak. I like its size, it's build, its ability to absorb the magnification I chuck at it and yet it leaves me feeling that things I love about the ED are missing. I spent some time checking the collimation (which seems fine), but each time I use it I come away more than a touch disappointed. Now, I know the mak is not far off a third of the cost of the ED, but I was expecting a closer match. Has anyone else owned both and felt the same? Or am I expecting too much? I'm using the same eyepieces (BST Explorer and Pentax) in both, the only difference being the diagonal - 2" dialectric with 1.25" adapter with the ED, stock 1.25" diagonal with the Skymax. Or is it just me? Apologies to any Skymax owners whom this post may upset - everything is subjective. I'm just wondering if there's something amiss... Thanks in advance.
  13. I'll second that. It's hard to find things when you don't know where to look. Binos and a good book like 'Turn Left at Orion' will help learn the signposts that point you to where you want to be. The low power and wide field of view make star hopping a simple task. Plus the book entertains when the weather isn't being your friend.
  14. Wow, thanks for the wealth of info guys. Helps enormously. Cheers
  15. Thanks Jabeoo Having looked at videos on YouTube, courtesy of Peter, they don't seem to be as big as I feared. But as you say, the only way to be really sure is to see one in the flesh. Am at the IAS at Warwick tomorrow so may be lucky enough to see one first hand. Cheers all.
  16. Hey Considering adding a SkyWatcher 200P or 250PX to my collection and have a couple of questions, if I may. Looking at the pics on FLO the base appears to be the same...is it? How big is the base in terms of diameter, and, upright, how tall are these dobs? I know the length of the tubes but am not sure, when mounted, how high off the ground they sit and thus what are their overall heights? Not a problem observing wise, just trying to form an appreciation of overall size in order to determine if I've actually got space to store one. Don't particularly want to mess around with a Flex Tube. Thanks in advance
  17. I have one of these, works fine with my laptop and Raspberry Pi: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wireless-USB-Games-Gaming-Controller-Consoles-Receiver-PC-Adapter-For-XBox-360/271490049094?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222003%26algo%3DSIC.FIT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D22312%26meid%3D6957923679462815783%26pid%3D100005%26prg%3D9701%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D181410957341&rt=nc Can't vouch for reliability of seller. Got mine off Amazon I think (it's been a while!). Only thing to watch out for is that not all laptops can handle the mini CDs the drivers come on. However you can download them from Microsoft's support site.
  18. Oh so true. We're all built differently, and all have subjective preferences. Experiment over several nights and see what works best. That's part of the fun
  19. Excellent advice. Learn these marks and the sky really opens up. Whoever invented the word patience was almost certainly an astronomer. Keep at it Johnny, you have so many wonderful sights ahead of you. Orley.
  20. Hi all, I have an oldish CG-4 mount that is missing its counterweight shaft. Not used it in ages, and now the darn thing is getting its own back by being rather good at playing hide and seek. Anyone know where I can source a replacement? I have looked on SGL but the only similar thread I came across was 4 years old and with no definitive answer. Thanks all! Orley.
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