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  1. Hello everyone! Good seeing with brief periods of very good on this night. Oval BA and GRS are very well presented. At the eyepiece, GRS was a distinct bright orange spot.
  2. ..re-uploaded with correct orientation to better match previous images.
  3. Thanks everybody! The monster continues the show today as well! Much better seeing than yesterday..
  4. Hello everyone, here is my attempt at the Sun with the massive AR2192 sunspot. 90mm refractor & EOS550D through white light filter. Thanks for looking!
  5. Thanks everyone! I am hoping that this season will be a good one!
  6. My first proper lunar attempts with the ASI120MM. Thanks for looking!
  7. Hello everyone! Jupiter is back and so am I! Here's my season opener through mediocre seeing conditions and a VERY dusty sensor! Have a great Jupo season everybody!
  8. Very good effort! On my screen it appears a bit too red. You will benefit greatly by doubling (-or a bit more) your FL with a barlow or powermate. Make sure you are collimated (try using your ASI with the Red filter on a star near Jupiter on a very steady night to collimate) and that the scope is near ambient temperature. You can capture some amazing stuff with a C11 & ASI...
  9. I also have it (as well as Damian's original DVD from years ago) and highly recommend both for anyone who is serious about and is willing to commit to High Resolution planetary imaging. The knowledge contained within is highly valuable no doubt there.
  10. Very nice! How was shooting at f43?
  11. Very steady yes! I was at a friends house and the view of Mars and Jupiter through his 18" obsession made me run back home and open up the obs for these shots! Unfortunately right after midnight LT there was a heavy onset of dew and in combination with my dew heater failing, resulted in significant loss of detail for Saturn. Had I realised it sooner I bet the image of Saturn would have been far far better!
  12. Very nice! I guess color is subjective and it's down to the individual imager's preference. I always adjust the color balace in post processing to match some of my favorite results from other, more accomplished imagers.
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