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  1. Hi Roger, Thanks for the info I will work on it. Do you know how to get a colour image from firecapture ? I can only see a monochrome image from my colour camera. I notice that there are a number of different filter settings, but you only seem to be able to select one of them, in my case a red one. Thanks, Patrick
  2. Hi Roger, Many thanks for your help with this it now works on my new laptop, but not on my 6 year old laptop. However I am still only getting 25 frames per second running the camera on the new laptop which has a duo core proceesor. Anyy further suggestions,. Many thanks, Patrick
  3. Does anyone know how to get the firecature software to reconise an IMG132E camera ? I have tried to alter the setting as mentioned on the firecapture website . I tried to alter it in notepad, which seems to contain the program instructions, but it says I am not authorised to do this, Any suggestions or help to solve this problem would be appriciated. I am having problems getting the camera to run at a speed greater than 15 frames per second when using the supplied software even though I am using a C14 for imaging Jupiter. Many thanks, Patrick
  4. Many thanks to all who responded and offered advice on this. I have ordered a desicant cap from FLO and we will see if this helps.
  5. Hello, Has anybody found a good way of preventing dew from collecting on the inside of Schnidt cassesgrain corrector plate ? I have tried a film canister with hole punched and a small bag of silica gel, but this does not seem to work for me. The scope is kept outside in a rolll of roof observatory. Any advice on this would be most welcome.
  6. Hi Demo Johnny, I have the 16" lightbridge and I am waiting for a decent clear night to try it out. Question: Where did you get your custom printed setting circle from ? I am asking because this is a mod that I had thought of doing to my base at some point. Thanks, Patrick
  7. HI, i'm going to stick with my mk11 also. I use mine mostly for solar viewing with my Solarscope SV60 and it works very well.
  8. Hello, I was imaging the sun with a new DMK 21 with the 618 chip today, and I noticed that it was only running at 16 or less frames per second even though it was set to run 60 frames per second. Does anyone know what would cause this low frame rate ? I would be greatfull for any info/advice on this.
  9. One scope that Stephen does not mention having used is the Isle Of Man Solarscope. I have the SV60 single stacked and I am very pleased with mine.
  10. Hello, I have a 10" Newtonian in an Orion aluminium tube. I am finding that the mirror dews up very easily. It is a full thickness mirror. Does anyone know of a solution to this problem ? The secondaty also dews up but I am able to clear this with a hairdryer. Both the flat and main mirror are very close to the end of the tube. many thanks for any advice you can offer.
  11. Hello, I have been imaging the sun for a few months now with a Solarsope SV60 single filter and a Solar Spectrum 0.3 ang filter. Can anybody advise me of what the best exposure for imaging solar prominences is with the SV60 at f 8 and the Spectrum filter on my Vixen 102 / 1000 used at f 25 ? Many thanks, Patrick
  12. Hello, FLO, when do you expect to be offering the new DMK51 for sale ? Thanks, Patrick
  13. HI Paul, Thats one amazing image. Where about in the southern hemisphere are you based ? Regards, Patrick
  14. Hi Merlin, Many thanks for that info. I think I am going to wait and get one of the new DMK 51 cameras that Imaging Source are now marketing. Patrick
  15. Hello, Does anyone out there in solar imaging land know if you can do whole frame imaging with a DMK 41 camera and a Solarscope SV60, 480mm focal length scope ? It appears from what I am told that the Skynix 2.0 camera with it's 1/3" CCD will image only 90 % of the sun's disk. however, the DMK 41 has a 1/2" CCD, so this would point to a full frame senario ? Thanks, Patrick
  16. Hi Brantuk, Thanks for your reply. I tried your suggestion and downloaded the files again after deleting the original files, but still no luck, same message keeps appearing. Anybody elese out there know how to sort this out. Help Help
  17. Hi Capricorn, I am trying to upgrade the handset for the NEQ6 mount. I am following the instructions in the manual that came with the mount. If I am reading it right you don't need to involve the mount in the upgrade, just the handset.
  18. Hello, I am trying to upgrade my Synscan handset from version 3.25 to version 3.27 via a USB to RS232 adaptor cable, and when I try to do the upgrade I get this message: READ BEYOND THE END OF FILE. I have checked all the connections are tight and I have also done a reboot and still no success. What has happened with my handset is that it has got struck on the rate mode to 2 x siderial, and obviously this is of no use when trying to center an object in the finderscope during the star align mode, for setting up rhe goto facility. Can anybody help me with this problem ? thanks, Patrick
  19. What size and type of telescope did you use for this amazing image ?
  20. Hello, What model DMK camera do you use ? I am thinking of getting a DMK 41, but I am told by a laeding authority in solar imaging that a DMK 21 will provide better resolution.
  21. Hi Ivor, I set the dial on my 400D to M for manual. Patrick
  22. Hello, Is your Canon 400D an astro modded one ? I am using a modded Canon 400D for taking pictures of the sun in HA with a solar spectrum 0.3 ang filter, and also a cromixsun operating at 0.7 ang. I often use 200 ASA and an exposure time of 1/250 or 1/350 second. What settings did you use ? It would be interesting to compare notes on this one. Patrick
  23. I have seen very distinct structural detail with my Carl Zeiss 20 - 40 x 80mm binocular, when used at the 40 x power. I have also seen the solar panels very well during high altitude passes with my Takahashi 22 x 60 binocular.
  24. I think Skywatcher India's quote of the faintest visible magnitude of 21 is ridiculous.
  25. Thanks Helen and Nick, I will order one of those adaptors
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