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    Visual observing. Computer repair. Star Trek original & STNG. Buying and repairing old 50's & 60's transistor radios, then giving them away.
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  1. You seem to be very happy. how well does it do on naked eye viewing of the moon and planets. Are you able to see the Cassini Division easily? I am looking for a 80mm f6 scope for observing, but it has to be short and light weight. Thanks
  2. Hi Rob, you r guide scope I see is a Meade #310 I actually just sent a guy a check for one. During your viewing sessions have you looked at the planets with the 310, just curious what your opinion is of the 310's optical performance.


    Regards Gary 

  3. Yes, that helps very much, now I understand. I did not know that much extra in focus was need in a f6 scope. I have never used a bino viewer either, and plan to.. Regards Gary
  4. I have seen a few Lomo 80mm f6's for sale with a split tube for bino viewing. After you have the focuser end and objective end apart, what then, where does the bino viewer fit in, is there an adaptor of some sort. I tried to google photos of how this is set up but did not find much, except a few for sale. I am thinking of getting one but do not need anything for bino viewing, does this design hurt when just doing visual observing. Thanks Gary
  5. Just to be sure, you did remove diagonal and do some straight veiwing and got the same reslut with different eyepieces...
  6. If you got it for free or close to free, find out what it would cost to do the recoating or replacing. Once you get a price, then you can decide if it is worth it...
  7. Make that Can't Lift. Is there way to edit a post or reply?
  8. I have the 102 only because I lift the 127. Bad back...
  9. Rob, I will be looking forward to your report.. Gary
  10. I went ahead and told the seller I would take it. Thanks for your input guys.... Gary
  11. Thanks Rune, that's what I was thinking, better to give up a little fov and gian almost twice the apature and a bit more power...
  12. Yes I relize that, but I wanted to know what had the biggest TFOV
  13. These are both straight through finders. I also meant TFOV Thanks Gary
  14. Hi, I am using a Orion 102mm Apex with a Orion 6x26 finder, I have a chance to pick up a Orion 9x50 for 20 pounds, a good deal, but I don't want a smaller FOV. Will the 9x50 give me a smaller FOV. Thanks Gary
  15. I see why you like TMB scopes. Very nice photos, some of the best i have seen. Excellent lay out of you're site... Gary
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