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  1. I will defo go again. But will make sure I plan for Northen lights viewing rather than thefireworks for new years eve :-)
  2. I went to Iceland for new year, no joy unfortunately :-(. Had a fantastic time but no northen lights................ Looks like you timed it perfectly
  3. You probably need to calibrate your phone. Move it in a figure of 8 from your wrist and also is the GPS on? I also find google sky map pretty accurate
  4. What a bunch of pessimists you all are lol!! I still hold out the hope that the human race will get its act together. Ps Amy Pond is HOT !!
  5. Very nice. What equipment do you use Paul?
  6. I enjoyed it. Ok, it was a bit of a downer subject, but I thought it was handled well. I think it bodes well for the rest of the series. Only gripe would be that mebby there was a little to much travel to exotic places just for the sake of it (although some of it was relevant, just about)
  7. Colan

    London woes?

    I live in Edmonton (North London) so am now hopeful the Street light upgrades make it to my area as we come under Enfield council also. I have a cheep and nasty scope (30 quid from shopping channel) and I get to see some reasonable stuff. On a clear night I get a good Jupiter view. Cant wait to upgrade but have been forbidden untill I get a new shed, no space left in house :-(
  8. So you are saying something exists in the brain that could not be replicated by technology (some day, presuming that we keep advancing at the rate we have), something outside the laws of the universe (whether or not they are laws we know or not as yet). Without bringing the whole theological side into the discussion I dont see how this is possible. So assuming at some point we will be able to understand all of the laws of nature and our tech has progressed to a high enough point why could we not replace the brain with tech?
  9. Personally I believe Intelligence/consciousness is an emergent property of the complexity of our brains. If we were to piece by piece remove parts of our brain and replace with electronics which did the same thing as the organic part removed, would we not in the end when the whole brain was replaced be the same person? I believe we would. Obviously this technology does not yet exist, but if it ever does (and I think it will), does it not follow that we could then create artificial intelligence set it off on its merry way to learn and eventually develop its own personality and values?
  10. Nice, Would love to do something like that myself. Am very impressed with the finish, mine would have bits of tape hanging off of it and nails sticking out all over the place :-)
  11. I don't have an EQ6 (one day hopefully) but I enjoyed reading your guide anyways :-) I am sure it is very comprehensive, as is your collimation guide (Which I have used)
  12. I would be keen, even though I don't yet have the gear.
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