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  1. Think you may have skipped a few important comments here Howard, but lovely picture all the same!
  2. It's been a few months since I was last on the forums, and longer than that since the scope last saw the light of night, the lounge sure has changed its decor! Very nice. :hello2:

  3. It looks about a quarter turn in a primary adjuster screw away from perfect so I wouldn't worry about it, that level of inaccuracy will not affect the views.
  4. If your collimation was off quite alot on your last observing session then you'll notice a considerable improvement if you collimated correctly. I always have issues with secondary mirror adjustments, the main issue is touching it when not necessary!! I've found that loosening the three grub screws too much causes slack in the centre bolt and I have to fall back to step 1. It gets easier and quicker to collimate once you've been over it a few times.
  5. Hello skywalker122, welcome to SGL. What kind of set up have you got (scope wise) if any yet?
  6. I have the skyliner 8" and have had it for just over a year, it is /was my first scope purchase and I have been pleased with it. I am already looking at upgrading to a larger scope.... That says alot. Quoting from the Poor man's astronomy website again "Buy the biggest affordable scope you can easily carry around."
  7. I went straight in and bought a telescope, I knew what I wanted to see and knew what I needed to see with, take your time in choosing a scope as what suits one observer is not suited for another. You will learn the night sky as you progress through your hobby. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  8. The Es 82° 6.7mm works really well in my 200p dob. I wouldn't consider a barlow on it though except for exceptionally good seing conditions, on its own, the views of globular clusters are really good and would deliver well on planetary views but have yet to test it to the latter.
  9. I have taken a look at ABS UK and spotted a couple of good deals there, I will keep checking back as funds get better. Thanks for all the advice and options all.
  10. I keep hearing that the BST explorers are really good upgrades. I've purchased a couple of Maxvision Ep's and are pleased with them. Your topic title states suppliers rather than make of eyepieces, so I'm a little confused as to your questions roots?
  11. My mistake, just checked, VX14. Still a damn big scope!
  12. I quite understand the use of an ethos in a big dob! A rewarding night with Faulksy's Vx16!!!
  13. Future scope upgrade here. I have been looking at going wider, 4"+ wider as I heard 4" aperture increase is a given minimum for significant improvement . Choices are:- http://www.telescopehouse.com/acatalog/Dobsonian_Telescopes_and_Accessories.html Skywatcher 300p flex/solid tube dob (f5) Orion xx12i truss / xt12i solid tube (f5) Meade Lightbridge 12" (f5) Orion Optics vx12 (f4) vx12L (f5.3) Dob http://www.orionoptics.co.uk/VX/vx12-12l.html I am also very intrigued with the Revelation 16" truss dob. That's a hell of a scope for the price, but portability may concern me there. Apart from the ex
  14. Strangely enough, asking about the Baader Hyperions was my very first post on Stargazers Lounge. Have a quick read through. http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/215814-do-the-hyperion-show-any-weakness-down-to-f6/
  15. I too have a Skywatcher 8", and like yourself I was looking into the Hyperions as my first upgrade, I believe they are good quality eyepieces but I was made aware that they may suffer from some abberation in a fast scope, although my 8" Dob is borderline on needing good optics in an eyepiece I decided instead to opt for the slightly more expensive Explore Scientific range. When a purchase of upto £100 and sometimes beyond for a single eyepiece I needed to know that I was getting quality. I have read posts of people having the Hyperions in a F6 scope and are happy with the results, use the sea
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