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  1. Wow, thanks for all of the great advice. I've learnt so much just by one question on here. Did my best to sort the collimation and I didn't adjust hardly at all. Sorted the finder scope by sighting on polaris and found that it was out a fair bit in reality (I guess sighting at the trees was a mistake being so close!). Finally got set up with clear skies and almost straight onto Saturn with the 25mm and then down to the 10mm. Did try the barlow eyepiece but lost Saturn for a bit fiddling around with the pieces. The rings were obvious and it was amazing, definitely worth the effort. I was amazed how quick it moved over the view and adjusted frequently. It must have been a star that I sighted on last time as there was no real movement in comparison. Got a look at Mars, the moon (certainly need a filter!) and a few other objects before a cat next door set off the neighbour's security light and that killed the night vision. Thanks once again all, I'm hooked now. Mike
  2. Thanks all for the prompt responses. Looks like I will have to be brave and ensure that my scope is collimated which will be frightening for a newbie. I'll try again tonight if the clouds move over a bit and let you know how I get on. Sounds like my kit should at least give me a small but reasonable view. I have a barlow x 2 so will try that as well to increase the image. Cheers, Mike
  3. Hi, Still new this and have got the new telescope (Skywatcher explorer 130P) with a 25mm and 10mm lens. Got out to have a look at Saturn on Saturday and was very disappointed in what I saw. I could not really make out much, no rings or anything. I thought that with the kit I have, even a newbie would be able to see a little something more than a white point in the sky. Only thing I can think of is that I missed Saturn altogether and focused on a star...? I used an app for he phone to try and pinpoint things so I'd be surprised if I missed it totally. Any thoughts? Couldn't get much better on Jupiter either. Do you think I could have a kit or set-up problem? I have sited on hedges in fields and can pick out twigs on the trees at some considerable distance so I believe that telescope is ok. Cheers
  4. Thanks everyone for all the great advice. It's amazing that the manufactures don't mention half of this stuff when you purchase it.
  5. Hi Mike and welcome. I'm another Mike struggling with the eq2 mount from Bodmin
  6. Thanks for the great welcome all of you. May catch up with the more local ones in the future
  7. Hi, I expect that this is covered somewhere on this site so apologies. I hear that it can take half an hour for a telescope to cool down prior to viewing which is fine but are there any issues with bringing a telescope back into a warm area after viewing on a cold night? Can you get condensation build up when bringing your kit in from the cold? Should I do anything special to protect the kit or can I just put it away. Thanks
  8. Love the website swag72, amazing pics!!
  9. Hi Ronin, Got myself a Skywatcher Explorer 130P which had a couple of lenses with it. Just purchased a Barlow x 2 to increase things a bit but haven't used that yet. I'm in North Cornwall, Bodmin, which means that I've been up on the moor a couple of times that have given some very clear skies within a few miles of home. Would be good to catch up with like minded souls in the area. Cheers
  10. Hi all, I'm new to astronomy but have had an interest for some time. Dusted off a few books, got a nice second-hand pair of binoculars and have been out and about trying to pick up the stars and planets. Have had a bit of luck and some clear skies in "Sunny" Cornwall, UK, but thought that I'd get myself a telescope and try to get a better look. Got the new scope but not the weather to use it. Have been reading some of the forums and topics and this is a great site with amazing info and friendly advice, thanks. Looking forward to joining in with some of the discussions when I learn a bit more. Cheers
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