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  1. What model of Logitech webcam is it ? I never used Mire de Collimation or any software when I had a Newtonian many years ago, just a plain collimation eyepiece and some fine tuning when my viewing started.
  2. Fusion

    Hi from Birmingham :)

    Hello @Silvien, great pic.
  3. Slow and steady wins the race @01142007
  4. Why not just save and add to your budget if you intend to get a better scope anyway.
  5. Fusion

    10x50 vs. 16x70

    10x50 are my choice
  6. Fusion

    iPhone moon

    Nice pics John
  7. Fusion

    Just getting started!!

    Cant get enough of the noon myself. Go and do some star hopping also, my current target is the Beehive Cluster.
  8. Its not a competition @Cosmic Geoff, it was posted out of interest.
  9. Another idea is to see if there are any astronomy groups in your part of the country and go along when they have a meet, see a few scopes in action.
  10. @01142007 - I used one of these at a meet once, thought it was excellent - http://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/review/telescopes/celestron-omni-xlt-127
  11. Hello @01142007, This site has some equipment reviews - http://www.skyatnightmagazine.com/telescope-reviews/telescopes Firstly, have you had chance to use a scope or are you buying blind (so to speak)? My advice is think about what you expect to see through the scope, I know a couple of people who bought a starter scope and where bitterly disappointed, I wouldn't want you to lay out your hard earned money and end up thinking you made the wrong decision. Im strictly a binocular user now, good luck on your quest to find your first scope.
  12. Fusion

    Back to basics

    Sorry to hear your in hospital, but have a great night viewing with your new bino's, let me know how it goes when you get the chance to get out there with them @LukeSkywatcher
  13. Fusion

    Back to basics

    Thanks fellow stargazers
  14. Fusion

    Back to basics

    My Sony HX I use everywhere just if I see something interesting, mainly birds, insects, flowers, grasses. I don't use a motor with the DSLR but I take some good night shots with it, but recently I have taken to doing light painting photography. The Sony has a lot of manual control also, plus with the money I saved from not upgrading my scope will pay for a few nice weekends away.
  15. Fusion

    Back to basics

    After having a scope for quite some time, I found myself loosing interest, not with astronomy in general, but with using the scope, setting up, moving to another site setting up again. Somewhere along the way some of the enjoyment had gone. So after some thought on the matter rather than upgrade my scope, I though about how I started the hobby with nothing more than a pair of binoculars and a half decent compact camera with a good amount of manual settings, I enjoyed everyone of those nights when I thought about it. So I sold my scope, bought myself some Olympus 10x50's, got a couple of new cameras, a Sony HX90 which goes every where with me (and is actually a very good camera I have sold a couple of prints taken with it) and a reasonable SLR with a couple of lenses and a couple of tripods. Not only has my enjoyment returned when it comes to stargazing but my bird/wildlife watching and photography have also become more gratifying as it used to be. There is no one size fits all with astronomy, the best equipment is the equipment you use. For me taking the back to basics approach worked I am once again a happy stargazer.

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