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  1. So after 8 days of waiting it seemed clear enough to venture out with the new scope and mount (first goto one). I'd done as much set up as I could in the house following 'Astronomyshed's' you tube videos.

    If nothing else it taught me basic set-up  - just about managed to polar align... balanced etc . So I finally put power to the mount

    1. How can you dim the red light when looking through the polar scope? Polaris was only just visible!

    Then started synscan set-up. 

    Entered all the basic info and went to do a 2 star align. I chose Regulus and Pollux to start.

    First attempt - scope didn't move anywhere - Fixed this by making sure mount was switched on before synscan controller

    Second, third and fourth attempts: although it moved roughly in the right longitude area it was pointing approx 10 degrees below the horizon! As I tried at least 3 times I'm certain I entered info correctly..

    Having decided to give up for the night I then went to Park the scope.... it ended up pointing Northwest about 20 degrees above the horizon.

    Been scratching my head as to what I may have done... any ideas?


  2. Welcome to the site!

    I've only been on just over a week and have already learnt so much - including how supportive everyone is (thanks folks) - the forums contain such a wealth of invaluable advice. Stopped me feeling so stupid asking obvious questions


  3. This maybe a naive question ( I realise the number of variables that can affect things - and making general assumptions such as setting my polar alignment correctly etc) but in the hope of clear skies...

    Im starting out with a Nikon D5000 DSLR + Quattro 10" f/4 + NEQ6 Synscan mount.

    Please could someone give a range of basic camera settings (Exposure time - bulb setting / Aperture / iso) for...

    1) Moon

    2) Planets

    3) Sun (using Mylar film)

    As regards DSO's presumably as long as alignment is correct there is no such thing as too long an exposure?

    I'd hate disappointment to dampen my enthusiasm... although with my investment in the kit i've just upgraded to thats unlikely!

    ALSO I have a modded MS Lifecam Studio and will experiment with various software packages (both Win and MacOSX) but again are there basic settings I should look out for ... e.g. where should saturation level be?

    Thanks for the help in anticipation


  4. I've just been watching youtube videos and am now more confused than ever... Please can someone explain or point me to a guide as regards the difference between Dark / Bias / Flat frames and how to achieve these with both a DSLR (Nikon D5000) and a webcam? Thanks in advance

  5. Just got a Skywatch Quattro 10" f/4 in order to further my imaging interest. Does anyone use a Mac for imaging? I'm having a lot of trouble finding suitable software for both capture / camera control / processing. I'm only just getting started but frustration is taking the edge off my enthusiasm. I use a Nikon D5000 DSLR  and wanted live capture / MS Life Cam Studio webcam (definitely a Windows only solution I think for this). I had hoped to process / stack in Photoshop CS5 but the machine tells me you can't stack in the 64-bit version?????!?? 

    Any help greatly appreciated

  6. Hi Everyone - just joined SGL. Pleased to find an area specific forum - I'm based near Southwold. Lived here 4 years, having moved from London and the comparatively dark skies have re-awakened my hobby. Received my new 'scope yesterday and needless to say the cloud rolled in last night! :(

  7. I've just managed to upload my first attempts at photography - details lacking but all over the last 3 years - a combination of either Nikon D500 200mm lens piggy-back / Skywatcher Explorer 130mm  or 114mm. Solar pics through mylar.


    I'm now unpacking a Skywatcher Quattro 10" / NEQ6 mount.... but its cloudy!


    I've adapted a Microsoft Life Cam Studio webcam - is this any good?



  8. I've just managed to upload my first attempts at photography - details lacking but all over the last 3 years - a combination of either Nikon D500 200mm lens piggy-back / Skywatcher Explorer 130mm  or 114mm. Solar pics through mylar

  9. Thanks everyone for the welcome. I've never had anything bigger than a 6" 'scope before so feeling slightly daunted by the new one. Glad I've joined here - at least I know there is help out there - I'm sure I'll need it!.

    First question how do I upload photos to share?


  10. Afternoon everyone,

    Pete here, over on the east coast. Been a busy day for me - New 'scope arrived, BAA membership arrived and I finally joined Stargazers Lounge.

    Currently I'm sat looking at a lot of cardboard boxes (thanks to the first-class service and advice from Steve at FLO) containing a 10" Quattro plus NEQ6 mount. Funny how easy it is to under-estimate the size when you're looking at a picture ! :) ... I can only say it's a MONSTER :))) Needless to say it is very cloudy...

    I'm undergoing something of a re-birth in my interest since moving to a 'dark sky' base (as compared to Manchester and London!) 4 years ago. I started back in mid-80's but never achieved the imaging etc I wanted to do (that was in Manchester). Over the last 4 years since moving here I've slowly got back into it all. Equipment wise I've gone from 4" Skywatcher to a 6" and now to the 10". Recently I've started getting into imaging more and more. I've adapted a Microsoft Life Cam Studio but not had chance to try it... is it any good? other than that I'll be using a Nikon D5000 DSLR.

    Well I guess that will do for an intro... think I should start unpacking boxes although it looks scary!

    Here goes....

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