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  1. Last night was a false alarm :((( ... managed a quick naked-eye glimpse of the moon and Jupiter at 9pm as cloud started breaking up - waited until 2.00am but my optimism was dashed as the cloud thickened. New scope still in the box! :((

  2. Just heard It is supposed to be a clear night tonight !!! AT last a chance to try my Quattro 10" f/4... only waited 8 days since it arrived

  3. Feeling stupid this morning... spent a very frustrating hour trying to set up my NEQ6 polar scope before I came on here and discovered there was a hole in the RA shaft too see through...Can't believe I was so stupid

    1. allcart


      You're not the first.

    2. Luke


      I've tried to look through the polar scope a few times for a good few minutes before realising I haven't extended the shaft :D

  4. So telescope is finally on the mount. Feels like I've built a boat in the house and now it won't fit through the door lol.

    1. Stargazer33
    2. PGA-64


      Need to dig out the step ladder too LOL

  5. Why when you have new kit to test does the cloud and rain roll in?

    1. emadmoussa


      What kind of assumption is that?! :D

    2. ronin


      All astronomical equipment is sent in a dehydrated state - to save on weight and volume and so keep the shipping cost low. The clouds are required in order to rehydrate the items you purchased to the correct size in order to function correctly. Usually 4-5 days of cloud and general atmospheric moisture is required, however larget items can need a week or two.

    3. JimmyC


      because cloud.

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